We will start off with the fact that my boyfriend is obsessed with baseball. More specifically, he is obsessed with the Tampa Bay Rays. Born and raised in the area, he is a die-hard fan. Now me, I grew up in St. Louis so it's the Cardinals all the way, baby. However, he has been trying to take me to the other side. We have watched every game the Rays have played this season and I'm even starting to learn the players. Might I add, I think I am beginning to actually understand this sport, too!

Seeing that we had a free day in the bay, I told my boy that we could go to the Rays game. I had a very happy boyfriend at that time. And to be fair, I was excited too because he has hyped it up so much. Plus, Tropicana Field is completely indoors, so no bugs or heat or rain. So, to the Rays game, we went!

Once we got to the Trop, we hung out and played some games before the doors opened to the seats. Once the doors opened, we got to pet stingrays! How cool is that, that a baseball stadium has stingrays that you can pet? Then we walked around for a while looking at the food. We got a BBQ bacon chicken quesadilla and a hotdog wrapped in bacon and covered in baked beans. And then, just because we are always eating, we got a big bucket of popcorn and went to our seats.

Our seats were good, but not exactly where we expected. But, we got lucky and after the first inning, they let us move and fill in the lower seats so we had a perfect view of the field! I'm gonna be honest here, I have never been the biggest fan of baseball, but I really had fun at this game. I think the intimacy of the stadium (plus the no bugs and sun thing) really made the game feel unique. And it was super cute to see my boyfriend get excited during the game and try to explain to me what was happening. I actually didn't want the game to end.

Oh! And the Rays won! So, basically, my first Rays game at Tropicana was a success!