First Semester Of College F*** Ups That Are Too Real
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First Semester Of College F*** Ups That Are Too Real

Just a bunch of stories from freshmen about their first semester of college... You're welcome.

First Semester Of College F*** Ups That Are Too Real
Ryan Rothkopf

I recently realized that the more I talked to people, the more I realized that they were just as awkward, uncomfortable and prone to messing crap up as I am.

So I thought it might be funny-ish to hear about some of their situations and experiences in their own words.

Disclaimer, a few quotes were omitted for both your sake and mine. I asked for stories from people in my classes or in my dorm and trust me, you don’t wanna know what some of these people have done and seen.

Also, I don’t have confirmation, but I’m almost 99% positive that the Odyssey wouldn’t appreciate all that these people have to say on this forum.

Anna Russell, 18.

The 310D to my 310A, aka, my suitemate.

“I was at a tailgate for a football game and I really thought I could do a backflip because I was formerly a cheerleader in high school. But I was not in the right mindset, so I did fall on my face. I still have some scars, I had a lot of scratches and scabs at the time. But I'm alive now so that's all that matters. My roommate took a video of it and it ended up on some fraternity social media account so basically I'm famous."

Bobby Valech, 19.

Friend's boyfriend, 'nuff said.

"I was driving my girlfriend's car and I wasn't familiar with the traffic ways and I looked one way but didn't look the other. Apparently there were two girls kind of in front of me. I just barely clipped them with my car, just nudged them. I said, 'S***, my bad' and I drove off. I did realize when we made awkward eye-contact that I did know her, so I'm hoping she didn't recognize me because it was dark outside."

Elijah Wood, 18.

Also known as the guy who sits next to me in my Communications class.

“I smashed my finger in a door. I thought something was in [my friend’s] room so I went in there, but my friend shut the door real quick. He apparently didn’t wanted me in his room for, uh certain reasons so yeah… And from here -- *gestures to top half of finger* -- up, I don’t have feeling.”

Brittany Howard, 18.

Fellow astronomer, I met in lab — we’re like a modern Galileo and Copernicus.

“I have six suite mates, two Chloes, one Meg, a Christina, a Lakyn and a Braden. Needless to say, it gets confusing. On the move-in day, I introduced myself repeatedly to all of them and they called me out on it multiple times.”

Hunter House, 18.

Another writer on the Odyssey who I met in Theatre class and proceeded to stalk and join every club he is currently in. **side-note, if you want to hear more about this story, he wrote an article on it, so go read it**

“My first roommate was basically a homeless, 24-year old psychopath who would make coffee at 3am every morning, would put forks in the bathtub and would scream in the middle of the night. I was stuck with that for the first two weeks of my college experience."

Sierra Ashley, 18.

Girl I met in Communications who, when I ask, "What was that class about?" answers, "Lol, who knows?"

"I went to check my laundry and as soon as I walked out my door as it shut behind me, I realized that I left my key and my phone in my room. The door automatically locks so I had to wait for two hours for my roommates to get back. The RA suggested going to Health and Safety but that was so far away."

Ryan Rothkopf, 19.

Better known as your quote-compiler.

“On my first day of class, I was walking down the stairs in the AT&T building when I tripped and body-slammed a random guy down the rest of the flight and onto the landing. My body physically pinned his to the floor…To that dude, if you know who you are or if you’re another person who happens to also have been taken down a flight of stairs in the AT&T building, I want to apologize on behalf of the tacklers.”

So if you’re a freshman or even if you’re 40 and are still doing these things, just know you aren’t alone. F*** ups are universally given and appreciated by all.

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