Time Flies: One Semester Down

Time Flies: One Semester Down

I officially survived my first semester of college

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Wow! I can't believe that my first semester here at Regis College is complete. I have had ups and downs here. I just really can't believe that I am finally going home after a long semester. I had so many essays and on top of that a presentation to give for my First Year Seminar class. I am happy, that is over and done with.

I can tell that college life is so beyond different than what high school was like. In high school, well for me, I would go from class to class and have one or two free periods a day or none at all, but here at college your classes depending on how you schedule them you are literally done by like 3 pm with a HUGE gap of free time to eat, relax, do homework, or exercise. The first semester of college is in the books and I have received all of my grades back from my classes and I am so beyond happy with them since it was a challenging first semester.

Being home for more than a week has been absolutely wonderful. I was able to go back to my old high school and listen to each of the classes sing a Christmas song for a chance to win the Christmas Song Contest. It felt so weird to know that I am an alumni and that it seemed like ages ago I was in high school, but in reality, it was just last year that I was a senior. Seeing all of my teachers again was great as well as my fellow classmates, and most importantly having the freedom to drive again.

I cannot wait for next semester and I am happy with the classes that are on my schedule for next semester.

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