There is nothing I can say or do to make you feel more comfortable and less nervous going into your freshman year of college; however, I can tell you to use it as a learning experience. The good outweighs the bad in so many ways. I have composed a list of seven things I learned from my first semester of college of my freshman year. I feel like these seven things are lessons all college students share, so take advantage of having insight from a freshman who has already experienced the same fears you are facing.

1. Do NOT procrastinate.

Procrastination is such a hard thing to avoid. We are constantly wanting to do other things other than our school work. However, those due dates and exams will come upon you way before you know it. Procrastination leads to added stress, so try your best to do your work ahead of time!

2. It is OKAY to stay in.

You are going to have so many opportunities to do fun things and make memories while in college; if you miss one opportunity, that is okay. It is okay to say "NO!" to someone if you have things with higher priority that need to be done.


Another one of my biggest suggestions to incoming freshmen is to get involved. There are so many clubs and organizations you can join to fit your personality. Find some and join them! You will discover so many new opportunities and make so many new friends.

4. Make NEW friends.

Some students come to college and know absolutely no one. Others come with a few of their friends. It is okay to be friends with people you already knew for sure; however, step out of your comfort zone, and make some new friends! Talk to that person sitting next to you in class. You never know what that act of courage could lead to in the future!


Being yourself is so important. Never change your values or beliefs to conform to the world and people around you. Stand firm in your values and beliefs, and never let anyone persuade you to do anything you would regret. You will make true friends who value you for who you really are. Never pretend to be someone you are not.

6. Appreciate your FAMILY.

You have been around your family your whole life, and now you are away from them. With that being said, you learn to appreciate the small things. Once you have to do everything for yourself rather than relying on your family, you learn to appreciate them more. Call your family and tell them that you love and appreciate them at least once a day.

7. BALANCE your life.

While your education is the most important thing you are at college for, you have to balance your life. I learned about the "Wellness Wheel" this semester, and I thought it was really cool. Balance out your life so that all categories get equal time: spiritual, emotional, occupational, intellectual, financial, environmental, social, and physical. Balancing out your life will benefit you in so many ways!