My First Semester of College

My First Semester of College

You Gotta Start Somewhere

You probably remember your first semester of college, when you were wide eyed and bushy tailed, where you were given a full schedule and got involved in extracurriculars, whether that be a sport, a club, or a theater production. My first semester was a little different.

For one, I started my first semester at 20 years old. After high school, I took a gap year, which turned into a year and a half. Then, my dad got a job at Hastings College so I thought, why not? So I enrolled for the second semester in only 2 classes. That’s another way my first semester was different than other students. I thought it would be easier for me to ease into the college scene after a year and a half break. Because of that, I haven’t felt near as much stress as other students.

Speaking of students, I made friends with more of them than I thought I would. One of my good friends from high school goes to the same college I do and she introduced me to her friends, who were all quick to welcome me into their group. I also befriended my tour guide of the campus before my first day and she’s had my back since. She introduced me to her friends in the theater department where I met a lot of talented and loud people. I also meet the forensics team that I will be joining next year. They were all very nice and said they were excited for me to compete with them next year, and I’m excited too!

Since I was only a part time student, I also didn’t live on campus, which made it hard to go to campus activities. However, I did have to opportunity to go to some plays, hang out with friends, and help with a speech meet.

As a 20 year old, part time college student, I didn’t have a typical first semester of college. I didn’t live on campus, I didn’t join a club, and I didn’t get overwhelmingly stressed out. During times like this, where I feel like I’m behind everyone else my age in life, I have to remind myself that life is not a race and everyone goes at their own pace. I am very excited to take on college next year

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