My Thoughts on Game of Thrones So Far

Unless you have been living under a rock I'm sure you've heard of the HBO series Game Of Thrones. After last weeks airing of the final episode and the outcry that fans shared, I decided it was time to start watching and see what all the hype was about. If you haven't seen past season one, there may be a few spoilers, so read at your own risk.

It took one episode for me to be completely sucked into the show. I was completely immersed into the world of Game of Thrones. It took me twenty-four hours to watch season one and if I didn't have a job to go to, I'm sure I would be much farther. The Stark family has a few characters I very much love, and a few I can't really stand. Ned Stark was one of my favorites Starks from the first episode. I thought he was very down to earth and a good father. I was really hurt at his death and felt saddened for his wife and children. Catelyn Stark is such a powerful character. She is a truly badass woman who would do anything for her children. Arya and Robb are both very fun characters and I cannot wait to see more of their character development. Sansa and Bran are just annoying in my opinion. Bran just seems like he is going to cause trouble and while Sansa is in a troubling position being basically held captive by the queen. She did not put her family first and I'm very wary of her for now. I have a feeling I will end up liking her. And while Jon Snow does not hold the Starks name, he is one of Ned's children, and I think I can confidently say he is one of my favorite characters.

The Lannisters are not my favorite people. The only Lannister I don't completely hate is Tyrion. His character has just the right amount of humor and sarcasm that he is able to redeem the Lannister ever so slightly. Cersei, on the other hand, is one of my least favorite characters. I do not trust her, I do not want to trust her. I am not a fan and I think her motives are all wrong. I mean, anyone who has three children with her brother is not the worlds greatest character. I want Joffery out of the picture. I think he is a horrible little brat and every scene he is in anger me. I do not want him to be king, I want him to pay for Ned's death and then get eaten by a white walker.

Daenerys Targaryen is incredible. The character development we saw as she grew into her position of Khaleesi was phenomenal. The death of her brother seemed to be such a freeing moment for her and I was not sorry to see him go. However, with the death of Khal Drogo and the hatching of the three dragons, she is becoming more and more powerful it seems. I get so excited every time the Dothraki people come on screen.

This show, while it may seem confusing if you've never watched it, is enticing. It plays off of every emotion. I have heard that as the show goes on it seems to go downhill which is sad to hear but that will not stop me from watching it. If you have not seen it, I am only at the beginning of the second season but I would highly recommend starting it. I cannot wait to see how the rest plays out.

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