To The First Man That Loved Me.

June 17th marks Father's Day this year, and this day can be complicated. Some people were never given the fathers they deserved, while some have had and lost their own fathers. This day can be filled with love, or heartbreak. It isn't an easy subject sometimes, parents. Some moms fill the role of both parents, while some dads have to in other situations.

I've been blessed enough to have been raised by the two best parents in the world, in my own biased opinion. While I love my mother just as much, I figured a letter to my dad would be appropriate for the upcoming holiday in their honor.

For the past 20 years, I've been loved and cherished by my father. Through the ups and downs of our relationship, I've learned a lot about life, adulthood, and love.

They always say that the first man to love you is your dad, and that couldn't be more true in my case.

Dear Papa,

I know that the past 21 years have not been easy. I've tested your patience, your will, and your temper. There have been days that no matter how hard we try, we just can't seem to get along. There have been conversations that weren't easy to have, and lessons I didn't want to learn.

But, you never gave up.

As a dad, your role changed a lot. I went from completely depending on you, to taking your words and becoming the woman I am today- who needs you in a completely different way.

Thank you for showing me everything I needed to know to survive.

You and mom instilled in me the love to learn, which has completely shaped the person that I am. If it weren't for your encouragement and high expectations, I wouldn't be the hard worker I am today.

You showed me that you don't need to go to college to be the smartest person in the room- just think about the Hardware Store when you need to be reminded.

You showed me that I didn't need to be afraid to take risks, because the right risks will be worth it. You showed me to be who I am, because who I am is pretty great.

You showed me the unconditional love of a parent, even though I definitely tried to push it sometimes.

Thank you for being my parent when I needed it, and for being my friend now. For the years of jokes that you want me to tell at your funeral, and the laughs that got me through.

Thank you for being my dad, I hope you've enjoyed it as much as I have.

I love you papa, Happy Father's Day!


Your little girl, always.

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