Being A Latino First-Generation College Student Means I'm Pretty Much A Big Deal In My Parents' Eyes

Being A Latino First-Generation College Student Means I'm Pretty Much A Big Deal In My Parents' Eyes

Being Latino means so much pressure on you about going to college.

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College is a big deal to pretty much every family. It's especially a big deal to latinos whose parents weren't born here. I come from a family where majority of them were born in Mexico. I, however, was born in California. Ever since I was a little kid, my mom always talked about how important it is to go to college. My two older sisters found it less important. They were generically bad students. My whole life was revolved around not growing up to be anything like them.

At a young age, College was important to me. Getting an education was important to me. Trying my best in school was important to me. it was important to my mom which made it important to me. As a first generation college student, everything is new. There are so many things you just can imagine in your mind.

First off, moving away from home is a big deal. I know a lot of people don't but majority do. My mom was so skeptic about me leaving. She just didn't like it. It is a time where you realize your child is becoming more and more independent, that makes it east to assume they just don't need you anymore. Except for money, of course!

A major setback is not having anyone in your family that you can go to for advice. You're the first one going to college so nobody else can give you advice on the ambient experience that is college. You're really just winging it until it becomes a routine. You have to find your own places to study or own methods on how to study. Nobody is there to give you an insight of their own experience.

Coming from a family like mine, we never had lots of money. In fact, my mom used to have like 3 jobs just a couple years ago to support me and my sisters. It sometimes made me wonder if it was worth it even going to college. Taking out loans is not only hard, but it makes you live in anguish knowing you have to pay all that money back soon.

Not having money made it even more stressful in school because I knew that I had to work as hard as I could so I could get scholarships. I didn't want my family paying ten thousand dollars a year so I can to school if I really had an opportunity to try and go for free.

All in all, college is hard on everyone. Even if you're not a first-generation student, it's tough. Everyone has their own experience and their own personality. One thing is certain, college can or cannot be the best four years (give or take) of your life. It all depends on how we as students live up to our potential. The best thing any student can do is try to enjoy it. Studying is important, but having a good time is sometimes more important. We're here for a good time, not a long time.

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