Life just goes so fast, doesn't it? We really do think about where does time go? Or how fast the week has gone by. What we usually don't think is what does 5 before 5 means. Some people might know what it means but others don't. You want to make the most of your 5 before 5 and have no regrets so keep reading to find out what 5 before 5 means.

The first five is youth before old age. Take advantage of all your youth years. Live those youthful years to the fullest. It doesn't take long to reach that old age and have regrets. You always want to the hardest work during your youth years so you can live and rest within your old ages. Taking advantage of your youth is something you will not regret ever.

The second of five is health before sickness. Always be thankful for your health. You never know when something can go wrong and you will be in a hospital bed regretting all those times you took health for granted. If you want to know how to even thank your health walk into a hospital and visit those whose health is no longer in good shape.

When you do that you start to recognize all the blessings you have but more so you acknowledge how blessed you are to be in a healthy state of life. Make the most of your health but also do realize that you need a break. Sometimes we do overwork ourselves and never give ourselves a physical and metal break.

The third of the five is wealth before poverty. Don't abuse your wealth and use it in destructive ways. Because once it's gone you will regret all those times you used it to do bad things or bad stuff. Poverty is something that a lot of countries are facing. When you have wealth sometimes you do act selfish and superior to those who are poor. However, giving to the poor is something you get rewarded from and also will feel peace at heart. Never be selfish about money because in the end money is worth nothing over people.

The fourth of the five is free time before preoccupation. This is huge. When you start to get occupied by work, college and much more you start to miss those moments where you had nothing to worry about. Take advantage of all the free time you get before real life kicks in and you have no time to spend with those you love.

The last of the five is life before death. Take advantage of your life. Live your life to the fullest. Never live a moment of regret. Regret is a feeling that will never go away. Never hold grudges because you don't know when your last day could be. Always tell your loved ones you love them.

You always want to take advantage of your first five before your last five. Live every moment to the fullest and live with no regrets. Give and spread love because life is never guaranteed to anyone.