I've always thought that physical therapy was going to be painful. I went with my father for his sessions, and he looked like he was always in so much pain. When I was referred, I kept putting it off out of fear of pain. I realized that this wasn't necessarily true, as physical therapists try to work within their patient's pain levels. Many people believe myths about physical therapy that aren't true. I thought that physical therapy was also only for people with injuries, but it doesn't have to be. Physical therapy can help with strengthening muscles and joints so they don't get injured later on.

For a while, we just figured out what the issues I faced were in detail. This makes it easier for me to get what I need from physical therapy. After that, I warmed up on an exercise bike, and we worked on a few stretches. I was able to rest when I needed to, and the stretches were able to be adjusted for pain. Music played in the background, which let me focus on something other than what I was doing. After the session ended, I cooled down by eating before I left.

While I was stretching, I could feel my muscles stretching. It wasn't painful, but I don't stretch often, so it was a weird feeling. After the session was over, I was kind of sore, but I expected that. Even still, I'm looking forward to my next session.

Would I recommend physical therapy for everyone? Without a doubt.