If you were to approach me around the time I graduated high school or even was about the begin my freshman year of college and said, "Hey Maddie, you're going to change your major halfway through your college career and now you're about to start your junior year of college in a new major" I probably would think that you were crazy and that I'm going to be fine in the major that I started out college with.

But alas, I probably bit my words there because that's what I ended up doing. If you read my article about failing my first college class, you probably would see that I changed my major at the end of the school year and spring semester. Throughout the summer I was very excited to be in this fresh new start to my life. But now that this is about to become my reality in only a matter of a few hours, I'm batshit terrified.

Seriously, the last time I felt this nervous was the first day of college my freshman year. That was because of course it was my first ever day of college, but of course I was starting on a path I thought I would take for the rest of my college career but instead, I went a different route.

Now, it's already past the first full week of school and I am proud to report that the first week has gone really well. I did make it to all of my classes on time (even with the exception of being only one minute late to my very first class because I was getting my Starbucks order since the President of the university was having drinks at Starbucks that day be on him but that wasn't my fault I'm not used to being a commuter yet).

Going onto another thing to talk about when thinking about my new major and that was when I realized that I am now a commuter and have to actually transport to campus and not walk everywhere. So with that, it was kind of a bit of an adjustment that will take me a while to get through, but give me about another week and I'll get back to you, dear reader.

So in conclusion, does anyone think that I am ready for this school year after spending about two weeks on campus, with one of them being the actual beginning of the 2019-2020 school year? I think the definitive answer to that question is that I will have to get back to you at maybe midterm or the literal week of either finals week or dead week (probably dead week so that I can actually give you all a thorough review about my school year while studying and dying for finals). I think that in general, while I was excited initially for the school year to begin, I think that I am now ready to go head first into the school year and kiss last semester's sorry ass goodbye.