Finishing Up The Last Semester of My Freshman Year

There you have it, the Spring semester has almost come to an end, and it feels like we were just going home for Christmas break yesterday. We've officially hopped over the last little hump of the semester: Easter (no pun intended). And it's the last stretch until the long-awaited summer vacation. Props to us college students for making it this far.

As a freshman, seeing the year flash before my eyes is a crazy thing. I thought high school flew by, and now getting ready to pack up my dorm room and cross off freshman year is a little shock to the system. Life really does move fast when you look back.

Here are a few things I have learned from my first year of college, now that I can pretty much say I've completed it (just a few more weeks).

-You will get sick ten times more than you usually do. The minute your stuffy nose goes away is the minute you're going to touch something that will give you another one. It's unavoidable.

-It will never be known what you are actually eating in the dining hall. It may look liked steamed vegetables, but those vegetables have most likely been living in grease and oil three weeks prior to serving. What better a way to build up your immune system?


-It's actually time to plan out your future, and after this point you aren't going to hear that reassuring sentence that goes like "It's okay, you still have time to figure out what you want to do". Not anymore kids, time to get our lives together.

-I definitely didn't need all of the clothes I brought to school, because in reality, I've worn the same pair of leggings and the same sweatshirt pretty much every day of the week.

So, with all of the lessons I have learned this past school year, I can now apply them to my future years as a college student.

Finish the year strong kids, we're almost to the finish line.

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