It is that time of year again. Instead of dreaming about lazy days by the pool or fun family summer vacations, almost every student at Vanderbilt University is either preparing for his or her summer internship, or is still in the process of applying for one. Applying for an internship position can be stressful business.

First, you have to create the perfect resume: one that says you are an academic god who is super involved, but not so involved that it looks like you are trying to hard. Then, you need a fantastic cover letter that lets the company you are applying to know that you are enthusiastic about their work but not so excited that it makes you look desperate.

And do not even get me started on the letters of recommendation. At this time of year, professors are just as busy as we are, and the chances of you finding one who knows you well enough to write a meaningful letter are pretty slim. Add all of this on top of the fact that you are looking for an internship that actually pays you, and it is enough to drive any student completely mad. However, once all is said and done and you find the perfect internship for you, you are sure to come out of the experience more equipped to handle the challenges of adulthood.

My advice to students everywhere is this: when the hardships of finding a summer internship get you down, embrace your inner Blair Waldorf. Lovers of Gossip Girl know that Blair is a driven, hard-working individual who knows what it is like to get knocked down and get right back up again. Blair always goes after what she wants with all her heart and never apologizes for it. I believe that Blair's approach is the best way to tackle one's summer internship search. So, here are some of Miss Waldorf's best moments that happen to perfectly illustrate the internship process.

What you say to yourself as you begin the internship search.

When you are brainstorming for your cover letter.

When you stay up all night tweaking your resume.

When you have to keeping reminding your professor to send in the letter of recommendation.

When you finally finish your applications.

When you are talking yourself up for the interview.

When you look around at the competition.

When you explain how passionate you are about the position.

When you get your first rejection email.

When you get your third rejection email.

When your roommate gets her dream internship.

When you think you have finally hit rock bottom.

When you score a second interview.

And when you finally get the summer internship you have been dreaming of.