I decided to go far away for college because I thought that it would be such a good experience for me and man, was I right!

The experience has changed me into a better person and has made me more independent, which I never knew I could be. It has also made me more aware of different people out there that don’t have the same perspectives as I do. In high school, I was friends with people that were very similar to me because I went to a private school and it was smaller. Most of these friendships were present in my life because we all went to the same middle school. Our families were all really close and we could always make more friends but we had a close-knit group already going during high school. Coming to a public college, it’s so much bigger and people come from all different backgrounds. I also didn’t have that close-knit group of friends that I did in high school so that made me nervous coming into college.

College has made me more thankful in every aspect including having such a great family and friends that will love and support from thousands of miles away. I have gotten very close to each one of my family members because I talk to them more often and want to know about their lives. I will always have my moments where I am homesick and sometimes even wish I went to college somewhere closer but then I look around and remember that I don't want to lose any of this. It sucks when you see your friends go home on the weekends and have fun at other colleges and universities and you wish you could do the same thing.

Coming from so far away, I didn’t think I would make that many friends because I didn’t know one person going to Arizona and that scared me a lot. I decided to participate in sorority recruitment so I could meet other girls. I didn’t know if I wanted to be in a sorority or not but I decided to do it anyway because my sisters were all in one in college and I wanted to be like them. I knew when I was rushing that I wanted to be in the best sorority house on campus because that would look so cool for all my friends back home to see that but then I realized that I didn’t want that. When I walked through Alpha Epsilon Phi's house I knew that I felt comfortable and genuinely welcomed, there was a gut feeling that I had when I walked out and knew I needed to come back. Joining a sorority, was such a good way to meet people and I have met the most amazing people in my life. It has become my home away from home and I wouldn’t change a thing.

Coming far away for college, I have learned a lot about myself and it has made me into a better person.