Hey Little. Sit down and buckle up because this is about to get real cheesy and real sappy. But guess what? I’m a proud big and I don’t care at all.

For those that aren’t familiar with the big and little tradition in Greek life, let me explain to you what happens. After recruitment, older members get to know a lot of younger members, and after a couple weeks the new members become littles and the older members become bigs. It’s a process that allows for younger girls to have a mentor in the chapter who can answer any questions and act as a friend and a guide.

The process of actually getting a little is pretty stressful. Just like formal recruitment, it has to be a mutual selection process, and it’s possible some older members may end up without the chance to take a little. After bonding with so many people over just a few weeks, it’s almost impossible to know if the little you’ve always dreamed of will end up as yours.

Well, guess what? The perfect little of my dreams ended up as mine, and I couldn’t feel anymore truly blessed than I do.

If you’re lucky, there are people you meet in life who feel like they were your missing piece. I’ve never connected with someone so much like I have with my little. Little, you have more drive, passion, and determination than anyone I know. You never back down from a challenge, and you never let anyone walk over you. As I watch you grow as a person and as a leader, I couldn’t feel more proud of what you’ve already accomplished and of what’s still to come.

I know we say this all the time, but you’re more to me than just my “fam” in this chapter. You feel like real life family to me. I know it’s typically seen that the big is supposed to be the mentor for the little, but I get just as much out of our relationship that you get from me. I’m not afraid to be my true, honest, real self with you, and we’ve connected on levels deeper than most. There are things I have told you that I’ve never told anyone, and that’s just because I trust you with my life.

I feel luckier and luckier every single day that our relationship is what it is. There isn’t one single part of it that I would change for the entire world. You’re my favorite person to talk to on my best days, and you’re the person I need to talk to on my worst days. Thank you for being more than just my little in a sorority. Thank you for being my best friend in the world.

I know we only have one year left together in school, and as much as it’s going to kill me to leave you, I have no worries and no fears. I don’t worry that you’ll sink without me because you’re your own beautiful, independent person, and I so incredibly grateful that I get to watch you thrive from the sidelines. I don’t fear for our relationship because there isn’t enough distance in the universe that could lessen the strength of what we have.

You’ve given me more than I could ever ask for, perfect Little of my dreams. I am so proud and so fortunate to have you. Thank you for being everything and more to me.