I've secretly been needing validation for a long time. Whether it was how I looked, how I presented or what I thought.

This year, I took the time out to take a break from it all. I like to look in the mirror and ask myself, "How do I feel?" Instead of wondering what the world feels about it. Sure, I would ask my friends and family their opinions, but mine matters the most.

When I hear about couples who spend every waking minute together, I wonder if they could be independent too? Of course, they love spending time together but what happens if they break up?

I hear people say, "I don't know what I would do without him." It's like they don't know their own identity since they are so heartbroken and everything their ex partner loved about them, they might hate now.

It's best to leave them be and just explore like alone for a while. You should travel alone, talk to your close friends but also take on hobbies and increase your skills. Be a confident person by finding time alone. Ask what you really want in life because the things I've wanted cannot be bought.

Sometimes it can be hard being alone when you've spent every minute of the day talking to your friend or lover but spend some time away from your phone and be brought back to reality. There's so much to do yet we have so little time.

I've always been excited to wait for a text on my phone when there's really no one to talk to. It's like finding a blank screen and you're up for disappointment. I'm so mad that I can't stop turning to my phone and I hate that I want to talk to people. But, maybe I'm looking in the wrong places.

Talking to people online is not a natural connection because it's hard to keep a conversation going. In person, it's easy to see if you actually like talking to the person.

Even though I enjoy talking to people, It's still hard to accept compliments because I don't even realize my own potential. I want to walk in the mornings and think about my life and the interactions I've had. I want to think about my career and what I can do. I want to see what kind of person I am without my friends or family telling me who they think I am.