13 Facts Of Finals Week As Told By Michael Scott
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13 Facts Of Finals Week As Told By Michael Scott

"I am dead inside."

13 Facts Of Finals Week As Told By Michael Scott

Finals week is here. The week we all dread and the week we all hate. Unfortunately, it must come around every semester. We're all tired, hungry and stressed. Finals week is the worst and the best way to explain it is through "The Office" character, Michael Scott.

1. When your professor tells you you're having a cumulative final.

There is literally nothing worst than having a final over all 15 weeks of class.

2. When your professor is going over the study guide and you have no idea what any of it means.

Even though you've been to every class and paid attention, somehow when you're studying for the final none of it makes sense.

3. Whenyou're writing a paper and none of it makes sense.

When you have a eight page requirement so you just keep rambling until you hit that page number.

4. When you're trying to convince yourself you're actually doing okay.

Keep telling yourself you're okay, but then realizing it's all lies and you're actually not okay.

5. When you're trying to be in the holiday spirit but finals are killing you.

It sucks when all you want to do is watch Christmas movies and listen to Justin Bieber's Christmas album, but you have to study and write papers.

6. When you call your mom and she reminds you you're doing a good job and everything will be okay.

There's nothing in the world that will make you feel better like your mom reminding you that everything will be okay.

7. When you finally get a hot meal.

During finals it is so easy to live off frozen food and snacks. So when you get that first hot meal in a long time it is like heaven.

8. When someone asks how you are.

You really have no feelings other than feeling dead inside.

9. When your teacher offers extra credit.

Nothing in the world better than getting extra credit when you need it the most.

10. When your group asks how you think the project will go.

Group work is the worst and you're usually screwed somehow.

11. When you see your final grade.

Don't cry over your grades. At the end of the day, it's just a grade and it doesn't define you.

12. When you pass that class you didn't think you would.

There's always that class you convince yourself you failed, so when you actually pass it, its the best day ever.

13. When finals week is finally over and you can go home.

No celebration better than celebrating the end of finals week.

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