Finals Week (as told by puppies)

Arguably the worst week of the year, finals week always seems impossible to get through. Hopefully these cute little four-legged friends can help bring some smiles and motivation to all of the college students struggling to make it through these next few days.

When every morning starts off the same way: with at least a gallon of coffee

Keep it coming.

When you've already been in the library for hours, and it's only noon

Looks like it's time for more coffee

You try to continue healthy eating habits

But it's so hard, and you usually just go for the first thing you can find to eat

Sugar gives you energy, right?

Sometimes the hardest part is trying to just stay awake long enough to make it to a meal

Who needs food anyway? Sleep is what's important.

You try not to think about your empty wallet and bank account

If I can just make this $4.73 last until Christmas...

When you're only half way through the week and already struggling to find more motivation

But then you remember that after finals, Christmas is just around the corner, so that makes things a little better

Just trying to be festive while internally crying

Reminiscing on high school when finals were only 10% of your grade

Ah, the good old days. Those kids don't know how lucky they are.

Then trying to calculate the minimum grades you need to pass your classes

And not exactly being thrilled with the results

More coffee

Is there such a thing as too much? ...No, at least not during finals week.

When you only have 2 more finals to go, so you're trying to be positive

But actually feel dead on the inside

Trying to make time for the gym, but it doesn't really work out

Get it? Work out? The thing that you're not doing because you're sleeping or crying or writing five 20 page papers instead

Finally finishing your last final and passing out as soon as you get home

This floor looks comfortable

And staying asleep for at least a few more months

Then when all of your BFFs are finished their finals, you all sprint to happy hour to celebrate

You're super happy to get home for Christmas, but you still need to catch up on some serious sleep

Now all that's left to do is wait for those final grades to be posted...

The anticipation can be killer, but at least exams are over!

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