During finals week, all students may appear to feel and act roughly the same, but the truth is, there tends to be a huge difference between various students.

1. The Crammer

The one who slacked off more than they should've all semester and now they're regretting it. They thought, "Oh, I don't need to study, I'll just go out with my friends! Who needs homework?"

We've all been that person at one point. Do not yell at or shame the crammer because they're already stressed enough.

2. The Organized

Students who are not The Organized are always highly impressed by The Organized, who has color-coded notes, all of their stuff in order, and a case full of sharp pencils.

3. The Procrastinator 

The Procrastinator is similar to The Crammer, except they haven't started cramming yet and no one knows when they will. The Procrastinator keeps claiming that they will eventually study, but no one knows if that's true or not.

4. The Emotional

The Emotional is stressed out and cries or snaps at the drop of a hat. However, The Emotional is also likely to get EXTREMELY happy and excited when the material that they're studying finally makes sense.

5. The "Whatever"

No offense to any "whatevers" reading this, but sometimes, the rest of us wonder why you're even in college. The Whatever tends to really not care what sort of grades they get. Maybe they're just faking, or maybe it truly doesn't matter to them.

6. The Surprisingly Calm

The Surprisingly Calm is not stressing out and freaking out like everyone else is, or at least not openly. Sometimes, The Surprisingly Calm is confident and ready to roll; sometimes, they're not and they've merely accepted their fate.

7. The Restless

The Restless never sleeps during finals week, nor do they ever take breaks. They'll probably neglect their needs and forget how to take care of themselves. Then, after finals, all of that will catch up to them.

8. The Cryptic

No matter how much you see The Cryptic around campus normally, they'll disappear and become one with the shadows during exams. Other students will rarely see them, due to The Cryptic's week-long status as a hermit.

9. The Genius

The Genius may or may not overwork themselves during finals week, but the result is always the same: excellent grades. If you take up The Genius as a study partner, you'll be blown away by how they much they know. What's their secret?

10. The Overwhelmed

The Overwhelmed is a hybrid of The Crammer and The Restless. They are beyond stressed, and it is best to give them space until they've taken all of their exams.

11. The "Wait, it's finals week?"

This is the person who skipped class all semester and truly had no idea of the date. Don't confuse them with The Whatever; The Whatever knows it's finals week but doesn't care. The "Wait, what?" student didn't know, and they probably care once they find out and thus become The Crammer.

That, or they do indeed become The Whatever.