Finals Week, As Told By Ross Geller
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Finals Week, As Told By Ross Geller

This "Friends" character perfectly sums up the finals week feels.

Finals Week, As Told By Ross Geller

It's that time of year again. The weather is starting to get nicer as summer slowly approaches. But before you can taste freedom, you first have to endure the most dreaded week of all: finals week. Stress levels are high, and the assignments and studying seem bottomless. During this time of the year, Ross Geller from "Friends" knows the struggle all too well.

It's the beginning of finals week, and you see your friends one last time before the studying begins.

You then head to the library to work, but it seems like everyone is making noise just to spite you, making it impossible to focus.

As you begin working on your papers and studying, you have a sense of confidence and feel like you are going to conquer your finals.

Your confidence slowly begins to fade as the work keeps piling up, but you still pretend everything is okay.

And then you finally finish your first paper, but you realize it is a page under the requirement, and you have nothing else to talk about.

But somehow you pulled together another page, and you feel unstoppable.

And then you remember you have another paper due at midnight that you haven't started yet.

You become super on-edge and start picking fights with everyone around you over the simplest things.

Your friends finally convince you that you need a little break and should take the night off and go out with them.

But then you wake up the next morning and realize you made a huge mistake, you never finished your paper, and you are way behind schedule.

So you go to your teacher's office hours to try and score some brownie points.

You finally get back to your work, but then the procrastination starts to kick in.

Once you start focusing again, you use a big word and are very impressed with yourself.

Then it's time for your paper to go through the editing process.

You finally submit your first paper and are praying for an A.

And then you realize you still have 10 more papers to write and 3 more finals to take.

And then your computer decides to randomly update and it doesn't restore your word document.

So you are forced to pull an all-nighter, but you are struggling to keep your eyes open.

And when you do end up passing out, it is the best sleep of your life.

But when you wake up, you remember everything you still have to do and wonder if it can get any does.

So you become resentful of your teachers for assigning so much work and angry with everyone that told you college was a good idea.

And then you decide it is a good time for some more procrastination.

And then you procrastinate a little more...

And a little more...

And then your friend tells you that they finished all of their finals, and you pretend to be happy for them.

Your friend, sensing your bitterness, tries telling you that you could be done too if you stopped procrastinating and finished your papers.

And finally, after what seems like years, you submit your final paper.

At last, it is all finally over, and you get to enjoy the summer stress free with your friends.

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