10 Times Finals Rocked Liz Lemon And The 30 Rock Crew
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10 Times Finals Rocked Liz Lemon And The 30 Rock Crew

Did you have a worse finals experience than Liz Lemon?

10 Times Finals Rocked Liz Lemon And The 30 Rock Crew

Finals can be a stressful time, and every student goes through the classic cycle of emotions. The comedic television series "30 Rock" perfectly encapsulates the distress, misery, and anxiety of finals week. Also, the procrastination.

1. The laziness

Tracy Morgan might be lazier than you. Maybe.

2. Success?

Sometimes when you receive your final grades it all turns out fine. You did better than you thought you would and it's all due to your hard work and commitment. Too bad nobody cares what your GPA is and higher education doesn't even guarantee you a job in the future. But good for you!

3. Borderline grades

The high stakes business world of Jack Donaghy feels relatable when your GPA is on the line. After the test is passed out and you realize you don't know the answer to the first question, it's depressing.

4. Presentation anxiety

Presentations as finals are the worst form of punishment. Everyone's uncomfortable during that one presentation that was probably put together an hour before class. It's best to just look away.

5. Doing your best

When you can't quite remember the answer to a test question but you do the best you can.

6. Jealousy

The most depressing part of finals week is probably when you log onto social media and see pictures of your friends who already left for vacation.

7. Acceptance

Walking into the classroom to take your final is almost cathartic. You either know the information or you don't.

8. Caffeine-induced panic

Pulling an all-nighter to write that essay you've procrastinated on all week requires more than one cup of coffee.

9. Memory loss

For everyone in a language class who forgets everything they learned right after the final.

10. A call to Oprah

Through Oprah, our goddess, all is achievable. Even your 12-page essay.

Hopefully, everyone had better final experiences than the cast of "30 Rock," but let's have a moment of silence for those who had a breakdown or two.

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