In honor of my best friend, Sarah Pruett, with whom I communicate with solely with Spongebob memes and gifs:

1. When you stressfully clean your apartment to avoid studying.

You'll do anything (besides studying) to feel productive.

2. When you have a 10-page essay due tomorrow along with the worst case of writer's block.

3. When you write one sentence and then take a two-hour Netflix break.

Because "Stranger Things 2" isn't going to binge-watch itself.

4. That slight mental breakdown you have after you stay up all night studying.

5. That glorious moment when you FINALLY finish your 10-page essay.

Sure, you haven't showered for four days and your eye has an inevitable twitch...your essay is done, and that's all that matters.

6. When you stress-eat EVERYTHING in sight.

Nom nom nom.

7. When you definitely didn't read the material needed for the essay question and you gotta use your imagination.

8. When you contemplate dropping out of school.

School's overrated anyway...

9. When the entire class is arguing about the answer being either 56 or 58, but you got 461.


10. Trying to find an answer somewhere inside your brain like:

"I KNOW I studied this last night..."

11. That moment when you realize you studied the wrong chapters for your test.

12. When you and your best friend fail your finals together.

13. When your professor mentions the word "bonus."

14. When you realize the bonus won't bring your grade up enough to pass the class.

15. When finals week sucks, but your friends rock.