Finals week is upon us, and so most of us are sitting at the Student Center cramming over everything we've ever learned ever, or sitting in our beds freaking out about cramming over everything we've ever learned ever. It goes without saying that finals is arguably the most stressful time of the year for students. All the hard work we have put into studying, memorizing, and worrying about our grades is about to be put to the test. With that said, I believe that nobody gets our pain and suffering quite like our President-Elect does. Below are just a few thoughts every student experiences this time of the year.

1. "That's how many points I need to pass?!"

It happened to me today. My brain actually went from, "I don't need to study for this class" to "I don't need to study for this class if I want to be homeless and living out of a cardboard box in ten years."

2. "Maybe if I close my eyes and pretend I'm on the beach in Miami, this will all go away."

3. "Do I have anything to lose?"

A: Everything. I have everything to lose.

4. What to say when your parents call and ask about all the exams you're definitely going to pass.

5. That feeling when you don't even know how to spell half the terms in your biology/chemistry/any other science class. 6. When you've been studying for sixteen hours straight and you realize there's a whole unit you forgot about.

How could you skip over the entire Civil War?!?!?!?

7. What you want to say to all your friends who are good at every class without studying.

And you know you'll never make it to "Importantville" if you can't spell those science words right.

8. What your professor spends all of the review day doing.

9. The feeling you get five seconds before you flip the exam over.

It's like waiting for the winning lottery numbers except a lot worse.

10. And finally, the moment when everything is over and all your hard work actually paid off.

Except for your biology/chemistry/any other science class, because you never figured out how to spell acetylcholine.

Good luck to everyone on their finals!