The Days Of Finals Week As Told By Your Favorite Upper-East Sider, Blair Waldorf
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The Days Of Finals Week As Told By Your Favorite Upper East-Sider, Blair Waldorf

Final exams can be rough, so here's a recount from your Blair Waldorf's attitude.

The Days Of Finals Week As Told By Your Favorite Upper East-Sider, Blair Waldorf
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Around most of the world, it's the most wonderful time of the year. But ask any college student and we will say this is the most stressful time of the year, finals week.

As we close out this semester and begin to look forward to going home for a well-deserved break, there is one more obstacle to overcome, final exams. Every student can relate to the stress of finals week.

Running to the library in your pajamas to try to get a table, staying there until 4 a.m. while chugging copious amounts of coffee, we have all been there.

So here is the tale as old as time, finals week! Told by our favorite NYC resident, Blair Waldorf.

1. Monday

This gif is a whole Monday mood. Seriously, this was me this morning getting up to study for my first final. The beginning of the week can be hard because you feel like Friday is so far away, but you got this!

The first day is always the worst, but hey only like three more days of actual testing!

2. Tuesday

When you show up to your exam only to realize that it was cumulative, and you only studied the last couple of chapters from the course.

At least Tuesday isn't Monday, and you have another day under your belt. Finishing your Tuesday exam(s), even if you studied the only half of the materials, is a big deal.

3. Wednesday

HUMP DAY!!! *in the camel voice* Wednesday aka Hump day aka the best day of the week! Wednesday is where you truly begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

At this point, you only have one more exam on Thursday, and then Friday you are hitting the road to go home. This gif of Blair is my mindset for the entire week.

4. Thursday

This gif is me when I turn in my last final on Thursday. You have successfully conquered this week and officially submitted your last final of the semester.

By Thursday you are literally delirious from studying, so being done seems like a god-sent.

5. Friday

This is the Friday realization when you are so excited to go home but you realize you have to pack enough to be home for a month.

Obviously, due to studying all week you haven't done any laundry, so it looks like you're bringing home a mountain of dirty clothes for your parents to do.

So throw all your bar stained clothes in a bag and hit the road, because it is officially time for you to get home and relax.

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