With finals coming up, we at some point have experienced or at least felt some type of way on the days that follow up to the exams. We all know finals is nothing fun. It can often be stressful and very tiring. Both mentally and physically. But there are a few things that we usually do to decrease the feeling of finals; or in this case, do some of these examples that we may not be proud of. I for one have at least done a few of these examples.. and if you haven't done any of these yet, they will creep up on you at one point so don't be surprised if it happens because you're not alone!

1. Drinking your way out of forgetting what responsibilities you have.

2. Feeling like your professors made the final harder on purpose so you have an excuse on why you got a bad grade on the final

3. Taking a look at the test and wondering why you can't remember anything you studied.

4. Feeling like your hair is falling out because of how stressed you are

5. Non-stop yawning

6. Studying for 5 minutes and suddenly thoughts of dropping out of school come to mind

7. Making bad choices the day before the final with your buddies

8. Thinking about how comfy your bed is the whole time you're studying

9. Your only desire is to binge-watch Netflix

10. Coffee is the only thing keeping you sane

Yes, finals are stressful, but it's something that we as students simply have to suck up and do what we have to do to get through it. Even if some of the things we have to do aren't the healthiest. All the stressful nights will be worth it in the end. Stay strong my friend.