If you have ever spent more than five minutes with me, then you probably understand my passionate love for Gossip Girl. I have watched the entire series seven times through and it still has not gotten old. So, in honor of the worst week of the year (finals week) and the best show on TV (or Netflix), I have thoroughly described finals week through the eyes of everyone’s favorite girls, Blair and Serena (and others).

It is the last day of classes before reading days!

Yet, you look over the exam reviews that you are about to have to study and slightly give up on life...

You decide to stay in and study to take the load off of yourself for the next few days.

But all of your friend's snap stories look like this...

Still you remain a good student, focus, and go to bed at a reasonable hour.

Reading days start and you, like a good student, visit all of your teachers for last minute clarification.

Wait... Who are you kidding? You're really just sitting in bed watching Netflix and freaking out all day.

When your first final is an 8am final.

But you studied really hard and are super confident.

After you exam, you end up back in bed, ready to pass out.

Yet, you have to wake up soon to study for your next final.

The week continues on and you still have more finals.

You get through it though!

And all is well in the world!

So, get through finals week strong! It may seem hard, but the pain is only temporary. There is a light at the end of the tunnel that is Christmas Break! Don't give up!

XOXO Gossip Girl.