Take a break from your stressful morning of studying and decide which Disney character you are this finals season.

1. Rapunzel

You are non stop working towards one goal, but you aren't clear what it is. You are studying and doing everything in your capacity to succeed but, getting good grades seems too nearsighted for you. You can't help but dream big about what the future has in store after graduation.

2. Sleeping Beauty

The world may be in chaos, and you might need to try working twice as hard to patch up your GPA this semester, but all you can help to do is sleep. It is like the more stressful things get, the more you just need to take a nap.

3. Cinderella

You do not want to miss out on all the fun events going on around campus. So instead of staying in your room to study, you decide to go to all the events with a curfew. But almost every single time you find it's hard to get away from a fun night and condemn yourself back to working in the library

4.. Pinocchio

For some reason, you have been missing a lot of classes lately due to a number of excuses. You genuinely would like to go to class but sometimes it's too difficult to admit you slept through all your alarms and missed your 8:00 a.m. Everyone knows you're skipping class, but it's the end of the semester so what's one or two magically missed classes anyways?

5. Buzz Lightyear

You have been doing great all semester, just success after success. You're ready to jump right into finals with no hesitation because you're confident you will succeed as you always do.

6. Woody

You were doing great all semester but this new material before the final exam is instilling your doubts. You may try to get your professor to take it easy and not include an entire section of material you covered in one day on the exam. But, no one is budging.

7. Moana

It's finals but you are more worried about the fact that the school year is ending. You had a goal to do something you have never done before this year but haven't yet. So, instead of studying for finals, you are trying to get involved on campus one last time before the year ends.

8. Jasmine

It's the end of the year and you never even got to check out the cool city your school is located in. So you are trying for a last attempt to explore your college town or city before it's time to pack your bags.

9. Winnie the Pooh

It's 3 a.m., and you are still writing that paper featuring a big bag of pretzels, chocolate, and fruit. You are diligently studying in the library but the best way for you to focus and stay put is to stock up on snacks.

10. Violet

Around finals season no one can seem to find you anywhere. You have just disappeared somewhere to the library, maybe your room, studying with minimal distractions and social interactions.

11. Olaf

Who cares about finals? All you want to do is dream about all the fun you will be having this summer. Away from exams, stress, and that lingering smell of hot coffee.