With finals just around the corner, I know we’re all losing sleep and sanity as we wait for break to come just a little sooner. Finals week is a true test of students’ mental and physical stability, so as hard as it may be, definitely try and take care of yourselves.

Each individual exam feels like another 20 years off of our lives, so some R&R is much needed during this stressful time. Stop studying for just one hour to watch some Netflix, go to sleep before 4 a.m., and maybe, like, take a shower or something… I know I just called you out.

My favorite way to unwind is to watch an episode of America’s Next Top Model, so I can hear Tyra Banks’ uplifting pep talks to get me through studying. Maybe if I smize at the textbook, I'll actually retain more information? Or is it possible to booty touch in my chair instead of hunching over my desk?

No matter what it may be, I know Tyra has the right words to say to motivate me to do well on my exams. With that, here are the stages of taking a final, as told by Queen Tyra herself.

1. When you wake up on the day of the final

2. When you look at yourself in your bathroom mirror because you think you got this

3. When you get to class and find your friends who have actually studied

4. When you see the test for the first time

5. When you force yourself to just try and take it

6. When you finally turn it in

7. When you walk out of the classroom

8. When your professor gives you back your grade

9. When it doesn’t even matter anymore because it’s break