To the coffee shop baristas, whether it would be at Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts,

I would like to say a big thanks because, throughout the year, you all have endured me showing up and ordering coffee. Whether it would be because I am in need of my daily caffeine intake or I am just in need of something to lift me up. I can mention the time when I was probably overheated and almost passed out in line at Starbucks and the barista gave me a water after I ordered. Seriously thank you.

Recently I've been going to Dunkin' Donuts because it is closer to my dorm hall and it's cheaper. But I still love Starbucks and probably will go there.

But with finals now just around the corner, I bet that there are going to be long lines in both the mornings, evenings, and especially at nights with late night study sessions. I can probably assume that I will be among those various lines to grab the needed caffeine for late-night studying, early finals, and trying my hardest to keep my eyes open during two hours of determining what my final grade in a class will be.

So with that being said, here is a quick appreciation for all of those who work at coffee shops in college towns or those shops that are placed in student unions.

You do a lot for students. You've seen some at their best and you've seen some at their worst. If some are students of the university, then you're also stressing out about finals too while juggling work.

Thank you for more than providing us stressed out students with cups of coffee to get us through the day. Thank you for being there.