Final Thoughts on Finals Week
  1. You’re sensitive AF. You’re being hella bitchy right now, and you know it. You cannot help it though. The end of the semester is giving you all sorts of feels.
  2. You haven’t been able to go to the gym, and it sucks. You haven’t necessarily gained any weight, but you also haven’t lost any. That’s a problem.
  3. Your sleep schedule is messed up. You don’t actually get to sleep anymore. You just take unplanned naps that usually last up to three hours.
  4. Anxiety levels are high. You feel considerably jumpy and on high alert for any personal attacks aimed at you. Try to calm down. It’s literally all in your head.
  5. Goodbye, healthy diet. You either eat junk food or you don’t eat at all. Either way, you can’t win.

6. You’re tempted to go to parties, but you know you can’t. Just one frat party, please. I swear I’ll behave.

7. You’re startled by the slightest things cause you’re so sleep deprived. You’re extremely jumpy. If anyone taps you on the shoulder or calls your name, you flip out like you’re in trouble.

8. Library sleepovers are lit (but you won’t actually sleep). Maybe it will help you understand what I mean when I say that I keep nodding off as I write this at midnight in the library...

9. You just want to be done with finals so you can go back to your small hometown and hibernate. Take me back to the home turf where I have minimal responsibilities.

10. It’s Christmas Time, and you’re single all the way. What could be more depressing? To be honest, Christmas was a lot more fun when you had a bae to be with.

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