It's that time of year ladies and gentleman. *Que drum roll*... final exam week! Everyone gather your books, tissues, snacks, friends, and anything else you need that will help you not fail. I want to wish everyone luck as they try to cram in five months worth of material into their brain, all in a few days . Even if it means several all-nighters, endless tears, and over 10 cups of coffee, you can do it! As a study break, here are some memes to make you smile through the stress.

Anyone a Stranger Things fan? I'm going to be forever looking...

The difference in emotions before and after taking a final is extreme. Everyone's welcomed to my jellyfish dance party afterward!

When you have no idea what you are doing and realize you spent the majority of the exam time on the first two questions.

We definitely won't need these when we are done with exams. Winter break is for nothing but happiness and holidays.

Nothing better than a catchy song to sing (in a whisper tone) during the exam.

When trying to study but it's the third day in a row you've spent 12+ hours in the library. :/

Whenever you save that 10-page essay for the night before it's due.

The timeline of an exam as told by Cosmo Kramer.

Every student right now. Let's get cramming!

Always remember, the mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell!

When math is always so needy and you are just over it. *Eye roll*

Lastly, best of luck, but maybe don't channel your inner Patrick.