Read This If You Buy Water Bottles

According to Ban the Bottle, 50 billion plastic water bottles were used throughout the world last year. With the U.S. recycling rate for plastic being only 23 percent, that means $38 billion worth of plastic is being wasted each year.

Mayo Clinic suggests that men should be drinking at least 13 cups, or 3.3 liters, of water daily. They recommend that women drink 9 cups, or 2.2 liters, of water daily. 3.3 liters of water is equivalent to 6-and-a-half water bottles, while 2.2 liters is equivalent to 4-and-a-half water bottles.

If people drink the recommended amount of water, but from water bottles, a man could be using up to 49 water bottles each week.

Water bottle usage is unnecessary to me since we have water filters. Humans could be filtering their own water and re-using cups not only to save plastic, but to save money. Crazy idea, right?!

Why are we buying water bottles if we don't need to? For the convenience?

It seems that filtering water is even more convenient for our pockets and our planet.

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