Why Do I Think Filter Beauty is an Absurd Obsession- Okurrr...
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Why Do I Think Filter Beauty is an Absurd Obsession- Okurrr...

A perfect flawless skin face with tinted cheeks, contorted nose and voluminous lashes; you can get all of these in a matter of seconds.

Why Do I Think Filter Beauty is an Absurd Obsession- Okurrr...

Yes, you guessed it right it's no magic but inbuilt filters!

A Snapchat or Instagram filter and here you go! Click a picture, post it and all the limelight will be yours. Your perfect selfies and the appreciation make you lose the ground of reality. You start ruling your VIRTUAL WORLD.

Here begins our struggle for filtered beauty!

Filter Beauty! What is the Hype About...

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Our obsession with filter beauty isn't gender-specific. Both men and women are equally affected by this. This is quite in coherence with human nature that strives for perfection. Beauty always gravitates us and to achieve this extent of perfection we are willing to do whatever comes our way.

Be it home remedies for bright and glowing skin or even it's our orientation towards new skincare trends, we are willing to give it a try either after hearing about hydrafacial benefits or Multani mitti role towards better skin. Makeup seems to be an addition to this list. From basic foundation to contours and tints, we have already come a long way.

Filtered Faces- A Convenient Replacement of Make Over

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If you are a makeup lover you can surely relate to this. It all started from finding variants of the same product and with the increasing demand for an everyday makeup look, the beauty industry is scaling up. We have seen people making dollars by reviewing makeup products and turning into Instagram bloggers. However, beauty filters are an easy and economical replacement for makeup faces and bold looks.

The fact is that our lives are revolving around this. No matter how much you are trying to resist, the pretty Instagram faces seem tempting to you. People are going crazy behind these ever-changing trends that are altering our perception of beauty.

Unfortunately, all that glitters is not gold. There is a downside to it. Excessive use of filters all the time is taking a toll on our physical and mental health.

Filter Beauty or Filter Bait?

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We are probably living in an era of obsession. We kept on hearing about social media obsession and being obsessed with shopping and now this obsession with filter beauty. Most of us suffer from one or other such obsessions. Before we talk about how filter beauty is bad for you let's know how obsession occurs in the first place.

Is it really that bad? Are there any psychological consequences of this? No matter which way you slice it, we just can't simply ignore the negative aspects.

According to the neurologist, obsession circuits present in our brain are responsible for this repeated behaviour. Parts of the brain responsible for obsessive behaviours are the ones that perform the tasks of decision-making and known for behavioural and learning responses.

What Makes Filter Obsession Unhealthy?

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There is already a lot of discussion on how obsessions are bad for us. But let's look at how these beauty perfectors are tuning in our lives during the times when social media platforms are playing a key role in affecting the fashion choices of the public.

  • Every day the number of people going for artificial procedures such as botox and face lifting that can make them look their picture-perfect images is constantly increasing.
  • Further, it is promoting the beauty standard that is far away from being realistic and is a leading cause of self-judgment and a poor self-image among people.
  • This tragic behaviour can eventually develop into some drastic personality changes.

Let’s Defeat ‘Obsession with Filter Beauty’

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No matter how much you deny it, this recent trend is ruling our lives. We are achieving bleached eyebrows, flower beards and stained lips instantly and maintaining a seamless public image. Coming towards the solution, here are the tips that might help you to overcome this problem.

  • It all begins in your mind, when you learn to accept the REAL YOU, less likely you will struggle with a public image and use these filters.
  • Don't have the filter containing applications on your phone or at least on the front screens of your phone, this will keep you away from using the media.
  • Don't spend a lot of time on social media liking and looking for the beauty trends and indulge yourself in meaningful activities.
  • Stop looking for validations from the people to make yourself feel good.
  • Go for SKINMINALISM, which deters the use of beauty enhancing products and promotes beauty minimalism.

So, are you ready to go FILTER FREE?

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FILTERED TO PERFECTION is probably the most recent digital beauty trend that has taken our lives to storm. At the same time, it is potentially harmful to our physical and mental health.

Don't wait too long because no solution comes naturally and take your first step today. Stop looking for validations and bother with a public image, find your purpose in life and indulge yourself in some meaningful activities.

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