11 Aspects Of "Fifty Shades Darker" We Hope Make It To The Big Screen
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11 Aspects Of "Fifty Shades Darker" We Hope Make It To The Big Screen

Hopefully the film doesn't stray too far from the book.

11 Aspects Of "Fifty Shades Darker" We Hope Make It To The Big Screen
Fifty Shades Darker

The "Fifty Shades Darker" trailer dropped Tuesday over a year and a half since Fifty Shades of Grey was released. We were fanning ourselves then and even more now with a look into the sequel. You've read the books, scoured the internet for set pictures, and have finally been rewarded with the trailer. Here are 11 aspects of the book we hope make the big screen.

1. Ben & Jerry & Ana

This scene was intriguing because it was more fun and lighthearted compared to some of the other more emotional and intense scenes. I always thought it was ironic that they used vanilla ice cream because that's how their relationship started.

2. Lipstick Roadmap

As Christian could never bear to be touched, this scene shows how much he trusts Ana and wants to show her his vulnerability. It is a huge turning point for both of them in the relationship. For Christian — trusting someone so much to show his vulnerability and pain. For Ana — feeling pained for the pain he is feeling and honored that the man you care about would do this.

3. Bidding War

One of my favorite parts of the book is where Ana and Christian attend his parents charity event for Coping Together. Ana offers to help during the auction and not knowing what she is getting into - ends up being placed on stage to be bid on for a first dance. Mia (Christian's sister) is worried that if Christian loses he will start a brawl. Fortunately, Christian is the highest bidder and we later find out that an expensive charlatan is the losing bidder.

4. Sailing on The Grace

Who wouldn't want to spend the day sailing with Seattle's richest bachelor? One of the most heartwarming parts of this scene is when you learn that Christian named his boat The Grace, after his mother. "I owe Grace Trevelyn-Grey saved my life. I owe her everything." The afternoon just gets better from there.

5. Billard Table Shenanigans

Christian just assumed that Ana didn't know how to play pool and how wrong he was. "At this moment I am so grateful to Jose for teaching me to play pool and play it well." They continue to tease each other while playing and ultimately ends with Christian winning and getting what he wants.

6. Piano Interruption

Throughout the 50 Shades of Grey Triology, Christian Grey plays is piano on a few occassions. But, in one particular scene, he closes the grand piano in an attempt to keep Ana from waking up. He fails and ends up 'playing' a duet with Ana on top of the piano.

7. Christian the Submissive

Christian becomes the submissive when he believes that Ana is leaving him again. Ana then sees what he was like when he was with Elena. I believe her exact words were, "Holy Shit. Christian the submissive." They sit together for hours on the wooden floor before she convinces him that she isn't leaving.

8. Ana Kneeing Jack

The entire time Ana had been working at SIP — which is what like an entire week? Jack made her uncomfortable and at one point blackmailed her using emails that she sent Christian. He corners her and she uses the self-defense Ray taught her to get away. This I have to see. And who doesn't want to see a psycho get kneed?

9. Visiting the Expensive Charlatan

Before Ana accepts Christian's proposal she wants to talk to his shrink about his issues. (In reality she already accepted his proposal, he just doesn't know it yet). Ana learns quite a bit about Christian during this meeting, but Dr. Flynn also wants to delve deeper into her feelings when she says, "Part of me thinks that if he wasn't this broken he wouldn't...want me." Christian unfortunately interrupts this from happening and as far as we know, they don't attend another session together.

10. Lethal cocktail incident

After Christian and Anastasia announce their engagement at his birthday party, Elena corners Ana and informs her, "He has needs - needs you cannot possibly begin to satisfy." Ana defends her relationship with Christian and throws one of Mr. Grey's special lemon martinis on her. Everything spirals out of control after that and very angry Christian gets involved.

11. Hearts and flowers proposal

When Christian asked Ana to marry him the first time, it was less than romantic. It was out of fear of Ana leaving him that he decided to ask her. As she is a hearts and flowers kind of girl, Christian had to come up with a more romantic proposal. I guess we will have to see if this lives up to expectations!

Some of these scenes probably won't make it to the big screen due to them being irrelevant to the overall plot and time constraints. With rumors of the screenplay being different than the book, a Fifty Shades fan can hope that the screenwriters didn't stray too far from book and that they include some of our favorite scenes.

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