Fifty One Liners You Exchange With Your Roommate
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Student Life

Fifty One Liners You Exchange With Your Roommate

Just to cover a few.

Fifty One Liners You Exchange With Your Roommate

Having a roommate means having a special relationship with someone that has seen you as soon as you roll out of bed, come out of the shower looking like a half drowned raccoon, and has witnessed every stage of your slow but sure mental breakdown during midterms. All of that said, they have never judged you one bit, mainly because you've seen them at their very worst as well. Here's forty one liners that my roommate and I exchanged on a weekly if not daily basis. Gina, I'm so glad you weren't a psychopath.

1. We should really take out our trash.

2. Are you awake yet? Can we go get breakfast?

3. God, we need to vacuum.

4.Can you refill the Brita filter?

5. Does this outfit match?

6. Can I turn off the light?

7. Are you going to philosophy?


9. Can I have one of your Ramens?

10. Can I have one of your easymacs?

11. Wanna go get Ben and Jerrys?

12. I need alcohol.

13. Apparently if I die when you're in the room you get free tuition. I'll take one for the team.

14. Please kill me.

15. Oh my god okay, so listen to this.


17. Do you have the duct tape?

18. Oh God are they having sex again?

19. Let me send you this meme, hold on.

20. What do I say to this dude on Tinder?

21. I need to study... but yet here we are playing each other in iphone cup pong.

22. Stop studying and listen to this pun I just thought of.

23. Why are there so many cheerios on the floor?

24. Does my hair look greasy? Do I have to shower?

25. How did our room get this messy?


27. If I see you on your tour I'm gonna embarrass you so bad.

28. lol look at this dude on the quad, what an idiot.

29. Get up, we have to go to class. No, get UP. We're gonna be late. GET UP.

30. Amy, why are there skittles in my bed?

31. Can I use your cleaning supplies?

32. Where's your duct tape?

33. ...I just dropped candy hearts down the vent...

34. Oh God, he snapchatted me.

35. What happened last night?

36. Did I wake you up last night?

37. I really want taco bell right now.

38. I need to do laundry...but that requires stairs.

39. Is it bad that I wore this yesterday?

40. I should really shower.

41. I think I'm gonna drop out and just become a hermit.


43. Can I borrow a pencil?

44. I'm so glad you're not weird. Well, not that weird.

45. *Screams

46. Why the hell are you still up?

47. Hey, hey Gina... shut up.

48. There's so much hair in the shower.

49. Did you throw up last night? Did you hear me throw up?

50. I'm going to miss you so much.

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