with you,

we are shadows beneath the moonlight

on the gravel of the concrete:

treble of tires scrape pavement.

catch your smile spread: lips, cheeks,

eyes. glittering from neon blue lights

on the window display.

with you,

intersection between Mercer and Spring.

huddled over cupcakes in pink cardboard box

pebbles on ground press into my jeans, against my palms —

fingers splayed next to mine.

traffic lights flash green

sparkling off the brown of your irises.

with you,

standing in yellowed white sneakers

playing with string on your sweater sleeve

your fingers clasp loosely around my right pinky.

sky: light blue, syrupy pink.

sunlight filling in cracks of the gravel

casting shadows of your eyelashes on your cheeks.

turning brown into gold.

with you:

your wide-eyed gaze:

everything will be okay.