Fictional Characters We Wish We Could Date
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Fictional Characters We Wish We Could Date

I guess if they were real we wouldn't want to date them.

Fictional Characters We Wish We Could Date

It's easy to fall in love with something you can't have and even easier to fall in love with the perfect storybook character. Whether it's the character who starts out as a terrible person, but you learn to love them once they see the light or the hopeless romantic you've loved from the beginning, we all want to date fictional characters. Fictional characters are the easiest to fall in love with because from a book, you can envision them however you like, but in a movie or TV show, you have the exact mental picture to drool over. So here are the fictional characters we wish we could date.

1. Chuck Bass

Well-dressed and treats his girlfriend like a princess--is there more to ask for?

2. Captain America

Because, I mean, superheroes.

3. McDreamy

It's in the name.

4. Nathan Scott

He just never gives up, and even when he does, he doesn't.

5. Augustus Waters

Just read the book.

6. Lucas Scott

Basketball star and wants to be a writer; high school me is fangirling so hard.

7. Jim Halpert

I don't even need to explain this one.

8. Nick Miller

Yeah, he's awkward as hell, but you can't even lie and say you wouldn't date him.

9. Harry Potter

Who wouldn't want to date a wizard?

10. Edward Cullen

Go ahead, deny it all you want.

11. Jacob Black

Maybe if you're not team Edward.

12. Austin Ames

Of course another Chad Michael Murray character.

13. Cory Matthews

Setting standards high since 1993.

14. Superman

He's literally a "super man."

15. Clark Kent

I personally will settle for either.

16. Noah Jr.

"I want all of you, forever, you and me, every day."

17. Jack Dawson

Before he died, of course.

18. Patrick Verona

Heath Ledger in his prime was enough to make a girl drool.

19. Landon Carter

Just watch "A Walk to Remember" to answer any questions.

20. Peeta Mellark

Although I'm Team Gale, this boy is a hardcore romantic.

21. Gale Hawthorne

Team Gale, always.

22. Tobias Eaton

More fictionally known as Four.

23. Tom Hansen

Need I say more?

24. Schmidt

He might be slightly overbearing, but he's such a sweetheart.

25. Prince Charming

He's perfect because he's exactly who you want him to be.

26. Troy Bolton

Or any Zac Efron character for that matter.

27. Ezra Fitz

He's older, damn attractive, and he's got a love for literature.

28. Andy Dwyer

He's cute, goofy, and so sweet.

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