10 Badass TV Boss Babes We All Aspire To Be After We Graduate
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10 Badass TV Boss Babes We All Aspire To Be After We Graduate

Because why the hell not?

10 Badass TV Boss Babes We All Aspire To Be After We Graduate

The word "bossy" has cultivated a very negative connotation especially when used as an adjective to describe a woman. Like many young women today, we're trying to turn that connotation around as we grab back the word to be synonymous with Badass. Here are just a few Badass Boss Babes on the TV screen we have all come to love and admire and wish we had as mentors IRL.

1. Olivia Pope from Scandal


Resident Badass of Washington D.C., this woman makes fixing scandals look like a cake walk. There's nothing I love more than seeing a strong female lead in a series but Shonda Rhimes has done it again bringing issues of race, our justice system, family values, and overall morals with a much more realistic "Strong Black Woman" character type. With her coworkers as her family, Olivia shows the lengths she's willing to go to protect them and it's something fierce. What I would give for some interview fashion advice from the Washington Royalty herself.

2. Annalise Keating from How To Get Away With Murder


Much like Ms. Pope, Annalise is one tough-as-nails lead character. Everyone and their mother has some dark secrets of their own and Ms. Keating is not shy of them, however her unorthodox teaching methods for her top law students have shown more than just the devotion of her students but how well she's prepared them for easily making partner at a big law firm. No one is gonna drag you through hell or high waters quite like her, but you'll thank her for it in the long run.

3. Dr. Miranda Bailey from Grey's Anatomy


It's no surprise that Dr. Miranda Bailey, yet another genius character from the mastermind that is Shonda Rhimes, would be one of the top fictional characters to look up to. With her distinguished medical career, love for her son Tuck, the interns she raised to be residents and future Attendings and Chiefs of their own specialties, and challenges she faces as a black woman in a very high position, Bailey proves time and time again that she is the true Queen of Grey Sloan memorial and our hearts. Her wit, grace, intelligence, and nurturing personality are what make her a remarkable woman. Our future Surgeons would be lucky to have her.

4. Detective Olivia Benson from Law & Order: SVU


If you haven't grown up watching every single episode of Law & Order: SVU you have truly missed out on the inspiration that is Olivia Benson. Not only is it incredible to watch a female in the force be as badass and saving the day as she is but she has truly proven that being a woman with a strong compassion does not hinder her ability to do her job, in fact it amplifies it.

5. Liz Lemon from 30 Rock


Liz Lemon is the true workaholic of our generation. The woman cares so much about her job and her show her personal life goes into shambles, she forgets to eat, and even forgets her own birthday. She's the type of passionate boss we wish we had and would hate to disappoint. She puts so much of herself into what she does that work really is her life and its admirable. She reminds us that we don't always have to be the ice queen to be a badass boss babe!

6. Leslie Knope from Parks & Recreation


While some may view our dear Leslie Knope as blindly enthusiastic, her charm and passion for her job as Deputy Director of Pawnee City parks show the importance of leadership and dedication no matter the level of the job. She's the type of boss that will pick you up by your bootstraps and tell you a charming story when you're feeling down. She is proof that Kindness does bring you a long way in life and that being a good leader doesn't mean you can't be soft at times.

7. Daenerys Targaryen from Game of Thrones


While it's not her fault she was born into an incestual and tyrannical family, you gotta give it to her, the girl handles her heritage very well. She didn't have to go freeing towns of slaves, being a mother to dragons, and caring deeply for family tradition but she DID. All while doing this in her very early 20s. While none of us will be ruling our own kingdoms any time soon, I think its safe to take a page from her book on human rights and treating those around you who support you.

8. Claire Underwood from House of Cards


As a woman running with the "big dogs" in D.C. Claire holds her own as a lobbyist and furthers her political career behind advocating for a sexual assault prevention bill. While working with the Inner Circle of the White House one can become quite ruthless in the pursuit of power, however you can't help but admire Claire's determination to get what she wants and the big dreams she has for herself. It takes a lot of work to be playing in the big White House and we're just happy to see a woman in that seat climbing tooth and nail to get there.

9. Cookie Lyon from Empire


Empire CEO Cookie Lyon played by Taraji P. Henson may not be exactly the career you had in mind, returning from jail on drug charges, but this queen bee stops at nothing to get what she wants and will absolutely wreak havoc all over the place in the process and thats some strong energy i'd like a piece of. Cookie doesn't compromise her self or her family and always puts them first, a say-it-like-it-is-woman through and through.

10. Minerva McGonagall from The Harry Potter Series


I simply couldn't leave Mrs. McGonagall out of this list, after all she is the true queen of our generation. A highly respected teacher of transfiguration and powerful witch, you wouldn't want her catching you after hours in your invisible cloak. She taught a lot of us what it meant to truly be a mentor, in support of her students and fighting alongside them. A master of dry wit, we would all be lucky to study under her.

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