Fiction On Odyssey: My Werewolf Story Ch. 18
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Fiction On Odyssey: My Werewolf Story Ch. 18

Where things get hairy. Literally.

Fiction On Odyssey: My Werewolf Story Ch. 18

Ch. 18

“You can’t give up on life when you have so much to live for.” ~ Matt

Shamara’s POV

I was just getting into the shower when there was a knock on the door. Jace convinced us to stay on his land until the battle was over. We agreed and now we are staying on the second floor and I get to be with Matt for the night. Apparently, it is normal to be sleeping in your mate’s room. I shrugged it off and went to get the much-needed shower.


“Can I come in?” Jace asked while peaking in from the door. I rolled my eyes and replied.

“Yeah, you can. Just don’t peak. You might burn your virgin eyes.” I laughed in my head.

“Haha. You think you are so funny. But I wanted to ask you if you really trust Salem enough to go through this. Do you really believe his story and can you trust his siblings?”

I stuck my head out of the shower and made sure I was covered. I looked at him with worry and concern.

“Yes, Matt. I do. I’ve known Kathy and Peter for years. And Salem’s story checks out with the other guards. They tended to gossip about everything,” I finished rinsing off the soap and reached for the towel.

“Ok. I believe you, but if Salem double-crosses us I will make sure he pays at the end.”

I stepped out of the shower with my towel wrapped around me. I forgot to bring the clothes that Chloe brought me so I had to get past Matt to get dress.

I walked to by him and went into the bedroom. It was a normal bedroom with a king-sized bed and a dresser.

I didn’t hear Matt follow me and I turned around to face him. He looked at me in awe and started walking towards me.

“Matt? Are you ok? What are you doing?”

“Just enjoying the view.” I blushed and started to turn back around when his arms wrapped around me.

He sniffed at my neck and started to leave soft kisses. My knees went weak and I moaned. The next thing I knew was a sharp pain in my neck. I whimpered until the pain turned into a light pleasure. Something just clicked into place moments later. I heard a voice and it was a beautiful masculine voice inside my head.

I’m so sorry. My wolf took over and I could wait any longer. Did I hurt you?

I chuckled and replied out loud.

“That was amazing.” I smiled and raised up to give him a kiss. It started out slow and Matt deepened the kiss. Everything started to get heated while I roamed my hands over his back. He picked me up and walked a little way to the bed. He laid me down on the black silk sheets and paused his assault. He looked at me in the eyes and asked, “Are you sure?”

I nodded and it seems like our night never ended.

I was taking a walk around Jace’s pack land. I needed a break from everything and just wanted a moment to myself. It was getting chilly outside like winter was right around the corner. I woke up to Matt cuddled next to me. I walked out after an hour of just looking at him. He looked so sweet without anything to worry about. I wish I could keep that face as happy as I can.

I heard a click to my right and stopped to look around. It felt like someone was watching me. I heard another twig crunch under something. I looked around to my left and felt something sting me in my arm. I looked down and saw a dart sticking out. I pulled it out and tried to walk toward the pack house. My body grew weak and collapsed. Brown boots came to a stop in front of me and tilted my chin up to his face. He smiled evilly and gathered me into his arms like a bride. I could barely keep my eyes open and tried to push Valentine away from me.

“Sorry, sweetie. I have other plans to do to you.” Then everything went black.

Matt’s POV

I woke up feeling so relaxed. I stretched out and looked around the room. The place where Shamara laid was cold. I huffed and got up to get ready. I jumped into the shower and tried to contact Shamara from our new mate link. Once the mark is set on both mates, the link is connected.

Shamara? I waited a couple of seconds. And tried again. Nothing.

I quickly got dressed and headed down stairs to the kitchen. Everyone was down there except for Shamara. I tried to stay calm.

“Where is Shamara?” I asked everyone.

Chloe was the one to reply.

“I saw her go to the woods to take a walk. She said she needed to be alone for a couple of minutes.”

“I couldn’t contact her through the link.”

“Oh, so ya’ll finally mated, ugh?”

“Nick! This is serious! I can’t even feel her in the link.” I pulled at my hair and headed to the door.

“Wait, Matthew. I’ll go to the south end and you can take the north.” Jace raced to me.

I nodded and opened the door.

It has been four hours and we were still looking. I kept trying to contact her from our link. Chloe has been trying her phone. I stopped and looked around the area. I saw some footprints and looked at the knife that was sticking from the ground ahead. I walked to it and stared in horror of what the attached note said.

I got out my phone and called Jace.

“Did you find her?” He answered.

“We have a problem.”

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