17 Bucket List Items For The Rising FGCU Senior
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Student Life

17 Bucket List Items For The Rising FGCU Senior

Embrace the college days while you still can.

17 Bucket List Items For The Rising FGCU Senior
Livia Chandler

It seems like yesterday I walked across the stage for my high school graduation. I can remember it perfectly and was so excited about college. Well fast forward three years, a very fast three years I might add, and here I am at the end of my junior year, about to be a rising senior. SENIOR IN COLLEGE.

What?! How did that happen?

The reality of preparing to graduate has fully hit, and I have came to the conclusion that I have a year left to "be a kid" and enjoy life as a college student. With that being said, I have compiled a bucket list for myself of everything I wish to accomplish before May of 2019. Ready, set go!

1. Go water skiing at the FGCU waterfront

2. Befriend a person in every class

Time is ticking to make connections!

3. Tell my parents a sincere, "Thank you" for getting me to where I am right now

Seriously, they are the best for getting me where I am right now.

4. Hike a FGCU Nature Trail

5. Work less (yeah, right, but I'll at least try)

6. Secure a big girl job

7. Regularly attend yoga classes

8. Go to the Comedy Club

9. Always say yes to late night snack runs

Or Walmart trips, those are fun too.

10. Embrace the good, bad and ugly of college roommates

11. Worry less

12. Enjoy the little things of being a college student

Like student discounts, and wearing yoga pants 7 days a week

13. Nap as often as possible

There is no time for a mid-day nap in a 9-5 big girl job

14. Attend on-campus events

The slide on the library lawn and free game nights won't last forever

15. The more pictures, the better

You have to have something funny on your Facebook to look back on in 20 years, right?

16. Stop rushing time away

17. Go to class and be thankful I made it this far!

Sure, college may have its ups and downs but its been the most eventful, growing, craziest time of my life- and I'm ready to embrace this last year of it!

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