The Rolling Stones have come out with a new album and it is not like every other Stones album. It is completely raw and lacks all the compression of every other album. The stones have returned to the blues by covering some of their favorite songs from their childhood. Jagger and Richards met when Keith noticed Jagger holding a Chuck Berry record and the rest was history. The Blues are what brought them together and the Blues are what keeps them together.

Jagger’s vocals are excellent, much rawer than expected. You can feel the emotion in his voice when he belts out these numbers. His harmonica playing on this record is also extremely noteworthy. He gives an excellent performance and his voice sounds better than ever.

Richards guitar playing echo’s Chicago Blue stones that you hear on all those old records. His tone is only something he can achieve and his feel is unmistakable. He is one of the masters of blues guitar and he has learned from the best.

Ronnie Wood nails those riffs and has a great feel for weaving in some of his parts with Richard’s rhythm playing. They are the best of the best when it comes to weaving guitar parts.

Charlie Watts, he’s the king of groove, what more can I say? He plays with a certain swing that just makes you want to get on your feet and dance to. He may not be able to play as fast as he used to, but his groove is still undeniable.

This is everything a Rolling Stones fan could have asked for. They have more than enough hits and I did not need brand new music from them. Hearing them play some of their favorite songs is a treat all on its own.