A Few Good Reasons To Visit Your Local Running Specialty Store
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A Few Good Reasons To Visit Your Local Running Specialty Store

Shoes? I have no clue which ones are the best for me...

A Few Good Reasons To Visit Your Local Running Specialty Store
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While anytime is a perfect time to look at shoes for your feet, you might be looking at the wrong place for them. You also might be buying the wrong types of shoes. I'm here to tell you that Shoe Carnival, Dicks Sporting Goods, and Foot Locker are not going to point you in the right direction. No matter how out of shape you may be, your feet matter, and a true running/walking specialty store will give you its best advice regardless of your fitness level. Take a look at these helpful reasons why you should visit your local "running specialty store."


With plenty experience in the industry of specialty running and walking, I can guarantee that the fit specialist working here cares about you. Sometimes they may be an all-American collegiate athlete with a lot of experience in various aspects of an active lifestyle, or a just an average, "normal human," as a co-worker would put it. We are here to LISTEN! We have gone through training to evaluate your gait, to recommend certain shoes for different needs, and find the best fit for you, not what your brother thinks is the best shoe. Sometimes people just need a comfy shoe for a 12 hour shift. YES... people work that long. You won't find this unique service when you buy those cool looking shoes on amazon for 10% off. The better deal is having a comfort guarantee if something doesn't work once you finally put in that 12 hour shift or even a three mile jog through town. We do what others can't do. PLEASE GIVE IT A TRY, don't be shy.


When you first walk into one of these stores dedicated to you as a unique individual, you may be overwhelmed by the selection of brands and models within those different brands. These shoes can be really narrowed down into a specific category based on the needs of the customer and their gait type. Your "gait" is a fancy way of saying what your feet and ankle do when you walk or run. So don't worry, these fit experts can help you determine that. One can generalize those different gait types into three categories. You could underpronate, overpronate, or even be fairly neutral if you are one of the lucky ones.

3. Need some support and motivation?

So, theoretically, you just got the best pair of shoes you've ever purchased and you are ready to start running or even walking if you aren't quite ready to run. Remember, that is okay. You gotta start somewhere, right? It's almost certain that you'll run into frustrating road blocks along the way that make you wanna throw those new shoes in a closet and never wear them again. But most of the time shoes are the cure-all fix to those road blocks. It could be a blister, that evil plantar fasciitis, or just a need for some motivation to stick with an active lifestyle. Likely those same fit experts have gone through the same aches and pains you may be experiencing. So what I am saying is to ask if you have something on your mind. You never know the interesting little tips and tricks the running/walking community have come up with. These stores are usually involved with local 5K races and can help you sign up or get in contact with the race director. They can also help recommend different races, running routes, and whatever it may be. We are here solely to help you succeed in life. It's a great thing to experience.

Looking for this perfect place to buy your next shoes?

Let me finish out this article with some resources to help find those shoes to get you through a long shift at work or through that six mile run.

If you live near Southern Indiana, please give Ultimate Fit a try. This store is located at the following address:

1308 S Green River Rd, Evansville, IN 47715

(812) 431-0201


If you are located otherwise, here are a few helpful links to point you in the right direction.




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