Festivus is a made up holiday from Seinfeld, but it is actually amazing and we should definitely celebrate it. It sounds hilarious and fits right into all the PR about the Holidays in 2017 avoiding religion and scrutinizing materialism.

In the series, George's dad had created this Holiday and he had a very specific agenda for the Festivus festivities. If you plan on celebrating it this year, take notes.

First of all, during Festivus you put up a pole in lieu of a tree. For many millennials this might be the most appealing thing about it because now a days if you put up a fake tree you're not eco-friendly and if you put up a real tree you are infested with little bugs, especially in Florida. A little too environmentally friendly if I'd say so myself. The pole isn't even decorated because holiday materialism is supposed to be dropped in Festivus.

Next, they have the airing of grievances. This is great in the worst way. At this point you share with everyone how they have disappointed you this year. This could be funny, therapeutic, and also potentially catastrophic. I would suggest treading lightly on this Festivus tradition, but you do you.

I don't understand this next one at all, but it sounds entertaining. It's called the feats of strength where HOH is pinned. It sounds like an episode of big brother holiday style. If you're HOH, don't pull a Paul. Make sure all your alliances know from the get go that you are trying to win big brother Holiday edition. Perhaps you could drop that on them during the airing of grievances. This one could also end catastrophically, but lucky for you it's the 23rd and the ER is still open if the tussle gets rough.