15 Tips You Need To Survive This Festival Season
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15 Tips You Need To Survive This Festival Season

Whether it's Coachella, Stagecoach, Woodstock, Watershed, or any other festival, you're going to need these tips to have a successful weekend.

15 Tips You Need To Survive This Festival Season
Ellie Graessle

Here we go:

1. Show your style.

Carly Sharp

Festivals are where fashion icons THRIVE. Who wore it best? Who cares? The most attractive thing is confidence, so wear whatever shows who you are, and wear it proudly. There is no one you need to impress - no one you owe anything to. As long as you feel beautiful, as long as you are confident in your own skin, you are winning.

2. Put yo game face on.

Kiersten Hazard

I am such a rookie when it comes to makeup it's not even funny. But if you're like me, there's hope! Don't know where to start? Here's a list of everything you'll need. Still stuck? You can get all glammed up using online tutorials from professionals like YouTuber Danielle Mansutti. If you're skilled with the makeup but are in need of inspiration, check out ideas on Elle.com, Refinery29, Popsugar, or even Pinterest.

3. Get some cheap sunnies.

Emma Karpman

Want to look like a cool chick but don't wanna lose those trusty Ray-Bans? A perfect solution is to find some cheap sunglasses that'll keep your eyes hip and protected without punishing your wallet. A few great places to find these are Amazon (obviously), Forever21, Nordstrom BP, Sunglass Warehouse, and Urban Outfitters, all averaging under $16.

4. Change up your 'do'.

Sophie Landeck

Your hair can make or break your festival look. When you're trapped in crowds of sweaty people jumping around, it's probably not the easiest thing to keep your locks in line. If you're nervous about frizz, flyaways, or grease, you're in luck! Seasoned festival-goers have compiled lists of durable (yet fashionable) hairstyles that will let you have fun without worrying about how you look. Most of these can be done by yourself, but in a pinch, there are professionals standing by to treat you with braids, cornrows, and dyes galore.

5. Stay hydrated.

Grace Baker

It's going to be hot, you're going to sweat, and you're going to get dehydrated. Unless you want to pass out and get trampled by the thousands around you, I'd recommend keeping hydrated. According to CamelBak, the rule of thumb is to "sip early and often." Drink water before you head to the stage, while you're there, and when you get back. Bring a water bottle, a CamelBak or similar, wear sunscreen, find shade, and don't forget the electrolytes! Don't push yourself if you're feeling woozy; it's better to chill for a second than it is to wake up in the first-aid tent.

6. Carbo-load!!!

Karsen Kolnicki

It's just as important to stay hydrated as it is to maintain a full stomach. From what I've heard, festivals have some pretty dank food - I mean, look at that donut - so this shouldn't be a problem! If you're concerned about money, check out these tips to ball on a budget throughout your banterous weekend.

7. Carpool.

Kiersten Hazard

Not only does carpooling make things easier on you and your group, but it also eases congestion, speeds along check-in, and reduces carbon footprint. Festivals have begun to embrace the rideshare economy, recommending fans use sites like amovens, RickyRides, and Ridevu to connect with those seeking transportation to the same events. These are all great options if you don't have access to your own, a friend's or a rental car!


Karly Peterson

Need I say more?

9. Find an elevated surface.

Teresa Barron

Are you just a little too short? Can't quite see the performer? Ask a tall friend (or stranger) to hoist you up onto their shoulders. Might be awkward as you both try to dance with the change in balance, but you'll make it work. You've gotta get the full experience!

10. Live by the buddy system.

Cat Larue

I wish I didn't have to write this one, but it's true: stick with your group! When you're one of the thousands wandering acres of land, it helps to have a pal by your side. Keep your phone charged, share your location, maybe even try using walkie talkies! There is safety in numbers no matter your sex, and it doesn't hurt to be extra careful. Getting lost would really be a downer on your whole experience.

11. Take lots of pictures.

Olivia Lamarre

Okay, yeah, you have to live in the moment. Enjoy everything with your own senses, but pictures can help preserve the moments. If you're nervous about bringing your phone into the crowd or losing battery you need for communication, disposable cameras can be a great solution - as long as you don't lose your group (see above)!

12. Be spontaneous!

Jenna Neher

Not sure if you should go? Go. My roommate decided the DAY OF to go to Coachella. And guess what? She had the time of her life. These kinds of memories might be made on a whim, but they last a lifetime. Dancing, singing, living it up with your friends... nothing beats that. So take it from me: when in doubt, send it.

13. Enjoy the view.

Jaime Cymbaluk

Most of these events are held in absolutely breathtaking locations. Whether it's in the desert, on the river, or in the middle of a city, you are a part of something beautiful. Live in the moment! Take a look around! Take it all in! Let your ears be happy with the music and your eyes feast on the view.

14. Roll with the punches.

Claire Britton

It's not going to be perfect. It might get too hot, too crowded, too loud, or the day might just not go as planned. Regardless of what happens, though, you'll get through it. At the end of the day, remember how lucky you are to be where you are, with who you're with, doing what you're doing. All the ups and downs are just a part of the fun.

15. Ultimately, make the experience what YOU want it to be.

Kiersten Hazard

We don't know how many moments we're going to have, so we might as well enjoy the one we're in. Go see your favorite headliners, stay strong in the choices YOU make, and strut around that campground like you own the place. The only person who can control your experience is you, so don't let anyone get in the way of the time of your life. Live it up sis!

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