Owning A Ferret Is The Best But Like Any Pet, There Are Pros And Cons And Here They Are
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Owning A Ferret Is The Best But Like Any Pet, There Are Pros And Cons And Here They Are

They're little furry noodles of joy!

Owning A Ferret Is The Best But Like Any Pet, There Are Pros And Cons And Here They Are
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Deciding on which companion you want to own can be a tough choice, there are so many options! Of course, there are the most common animals, cats and dogs; but what if you're looking for something different? From personal experience, ferrets are a great next option. They are somewhat similar to cats, but they make great companions!


They'll always make you smile

Every one of my friends that have come to see him light up with joy when they hear his chirps and watch him run around on the floor. A favorite quality of ferrets is their hunch back and the way they run; it just cracks everyone up! It's also a great stress reliever, they're just so funny to watch!

They bond very closely to you

Of course, they will always be mischievous, but they can be very sweet. My ferret kind of reminds me of a cat in this sense because he usually follows me just to sit at my feet, or to ask to be carried around. At first, my ferret didn't like to be pet or held, but fortunately I was able to give him the attention he needed.

They're VERY energetic

There is never a dull moment! They always try to play tag, or they'll run and hide. The sounds of their tiny paws running across the floor along with their happy chirps is sure to brighten any day.

They're highly intelligent

Although.. sometimes they may not show it. Training ferrets can be a slow process, but it can be done! Ferrets can understand commands, kind of like dogs, and they seem to get smarter the more you talk to them. However, because of their mischievous ways, they see commands more as suggestions.

They have a flexible sleeping schedule

They sleep for the majority of the day and whenever you are ready to play, they'll wake right up and go right back to sleep when you're done. So they're like cats but more considerate.


They stink

Of course, it is their natural scent but sometimes it can be overbearing. It's also not good to give them too many baths because their smell comes from an oil that they produce, so you can't wash the smell away. There are deodorizing sprays and supplements that are available to help ease the smell, though.

They require A LOT of care

Cleaning their cage often is a requirement, otherwise it will begin to smell very badly. They must eat certain types of food with certain ingredients, otherwise they could get sick. If you switch their food, then you have to do so slowly so their digestive system does not get upset. They also require a lot of time. Bonding and playing with the ferret is what helps them earn your trust and begin to love you and follow you around your house. So, if you don't have the time to care for a ferret, it may be best not to get one.

They'll steal anything and everything

This is more of a nuisance, but the only solution is to put the things you don't want stolen out of their reach! They still stash their toys and whatever they can find, though. It's cute, otherwise.

They'll poop EVERYWHERE if they're not potty trained (with a litter box)

They pick their favorite corner, but sometimes they have lots of favorite corners. If they run around all day, you'll have to watch for when it goes to the bathroom or just clean it.

Supplies are kind of expensive

The cheapest, healthiest food I have found is about $22, although that lasts one ferret about a month. There are also toys, shampoo, a cage, bedding, ferret lax, and other accessories. One trip to Petco for supplies costs about $60, in my experience.

Knowing some of the pros and cons will help reach a decision, but it's important to do research before getting a ferret. They are a lot of work, but they quickly become your best friend.

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