6 Things Feminism Has Taught Me
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6 Things Feminism Has Taught Me

Forget what anyone has told you, feminism a way of life.


I have been a feminist all my life, even when I didn't know what it meant. However, I started taking it seriously and being actively involved in all things feminism the past two years. It has taught me a lot about myself and every amazing woman around me. Here are a few ways that feminism has helped me reach my full potential!

​1. To love myself more

I have always been taught to put others' needs and opinions before my own. I never thought that they mattered. I didn't have enough self-esteem, partly due to the people around me at the time. Also due to the fact that I didn't care about myself, but learning more about feminism taught me that I mattered first before anyone else.

2. That I matter


I grew up in an environment that didn't acknowledge my opinions whenever I stated them, and that made me lose faith in myself. However, I am starting to realize that my voice matters, and it is my duty to make sure I am heard. It was important to make sure that the people around me heard my voice and to also realize that I, my choices and opinions matter so I should never be ashamed of them.

3. To always be proud of myself


Everyone assumes that the most humble person in the room is the best person. However, that isn't completely true. It is good to be humble at times, but you should never forget to be proud of your talent and hard work, and never fail to acknowledge it. This is one important lesson I have learned from being a feminist. Another lesson I've learned is that being proud of yourself is one of the best ways to build your self-esteem.

4. To never settle for less than I deserve


Women, as a whole, have always been taught to settle for the closest thing to happiness as they can get. But how does that work when you know your worth and that you deserve better?? Feminism has taught me that I can never settle for anything less than what I know I'm worth because I know that nothing should ever compromise my happiness.

5. To embrace the single life


This is something that is actually really important. When you're constantly surrounded by people who feel the need to pressure you into a relationship early because "your biological clock is ticking", it makes you feel bad for not being in a relationship. It is best to remember that nobody has the right to do that to you if you're not ready for it. Being a single pringle isn't a horrible idea when you're comfortable being by yourself.

6. That all women matter


I love women, and I would always love and support women until I die. It didn't take feminism for me to know this. What feminism has taught me, however, is that every female experience is valid so I should never be condescending towards others. The only way progress can happen in our society is by always being supportive, and by being our own cheerleaders because we already go through so much.

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