We all feel lazy sometimes, it's a normal feeling to have. However, you can also overcome this feeling by following some of these tips.

Get up

When I really don't feel like getting out of bed in the morning, I make myself get up anyway. Also, when you wake up, try getting up on your first alarm instead of hitting the snooze button. You may as well just get up because your sleep has already been disturbed and is that extra 5-10 minutes really going to make a difference? So just get out of bed and start your day!

Do something productive 

After you've gotten out of bed I highly recommend doing something productive right off the bat. This could be going for a morning run or walk, starting something on your to-do list, or leaving your house to go eat breakfast. By doing something right after you've gotten up and gotten ready for the day, helps kick off your day in the right direction, opposed to sitting on the couch watching TV.

Stay motivated

If you're anything like me, sometimes just making yourself start doing something is the hardest part, then once you continue doing it it's not so bad. This is where motivation comes into play. Even when you really don't feel like doing something and you'd rather just lay around or nap, just make yourself start working on something. On the weekends sometimes I have to force myself to start working on homework when I really don't want to or would rather do something else. However, once I start working, I don't want to stop until I get everything done. So yes, I know making yourself do something you don't want to is hard, but just dig deep and find your inner motivation to get things done!

Make goals 

One thing I find that helps me be more productive when I'm feeling lazy to make small goals for myself. For instance, I will tell myself that once I complete an assignment I'll take a 10-20 minute break. During this break I'll talk to friends, go on social media, or watch a funny video. Making small goals for yourself in order to accomplish tasks is really helpful in staying motivated to keep working, knowing once you finish you'll get an award.

Take breaks

If your body is telling you that are tired and need rest, just give in. If you start working on something and things just aren't clicking, take a break and do something else or just lay down for a few minutes. It is good to be productive and get tasks accomplished but it is also important to listen to your body and do what its telling you to do. Even if you are able to work and get things done, still take a break every now and then. By taking breaks it allows your body to relax for a few minutes and then fuels it to keep going once the break is over. Being productive is good but everyone needs a break sometimes.

It's okay to feel lazy

I think feeling lazy is a part of human nature. Sometimes you just have days where you don't feel like doing anything and that's okay. This can happen if you have been really busy and your body is telling you need to slow down, it happens to everyone. All people are busy with their own lives and sometimes we over do it. So it's okay to feel tired, to lay down, to watch TV and just be a regular human being. We don't always feel one-hundred percent everyday and that is completely normal. So if you're just really tired or just not feelin' it today, that's okay, do what you can and listen to your body.

We all have days where we are just not feeling quite like ourselves and that's totally normal. Just try following some of these tips to help ease your way out of the lazy funk. However, sometimes you just need a day of rest and that is fine too. Every now and then you need to recharge yourself so just do what you can and don't feel bad about what you didn't accomplish. Making sure to take care of yourself should always be at the top of your to-do list.

Photo website: https://unsplash.com/photos/3TRdlKU-3II