Finals week, while a stressful and busy week, also tends to give people a lot of extra time without any sort of structure. For example, I have two finals on Thursday and one on Saturday, which leaves me with Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday as days with nothing planned but studying. Sure, it is great to have a full day to plan my own schedule, but I also find myself getting restless with that much time on my hands. Even if I spend most of the day studying, I still end up with some extra time. I also find myself getting distracted after spending a long time in the same study area. Below are five ways I've been keeping myself energized and motivated during the days I have nothing to do but study.

Hit the gym

This is such an important one. Even if you think you don't have the time to go the gym, make sure you go. Moving around helps with concentration and gives you an energy boost when you're going back to study. If you've been studying by yourself all day, try and go to a class or workout with a friend for some social interaction. On days with no tests, you can workout at whatever time you want, so pick a workout time and stick to it, or just go when you need a break from study.

Make a schedule

Pick times for when you're going to study each subject, then switch to a new one after you've been studying for a certain amount of time. It is easy to burn out after reading about the same topic over and over again, so give your brain a break with a new subject. Making a schedule also helps with not feeling restless because there is a set end time for what you are working on.

Switch locations

Pexels / Abby Chung

If you start drifting off in the location you've been at for awhile, pick a different place. If you're at the library, go to a different one, or even pick a different floor or desk. The little walk over to a new place refreshes you and gives your brain a break from studying. I've been rotating between my favorite library, the lounge on my floor, and my dorm room to stop myself from getting bored in one place.

Grab a bite to eat it

Bring a snack to the library and take a short break while eating it, grab coffee with a friend, or go to the dining hall. You need fuel to study, and you also need breaks, so combine the two of them together. My new favorite snack has been Made Good Granola Minis- they are bite size and come in different flavors. 10/10 recommend the chocolate chip ones!

Hopefully, some of these tips will keep you from getting restless while studying. They are meant to energize you and keep you motivated while you're knocking out exams and spending hours in the library. With these tips, finals can be a little less stressful. Good luck!