There are so many thing that people including myself are afraid of thing in life.

1) Spiders

I'm most scared and afraid of spiders because they move and they just creep me out so much and something like this happened to me last night where I got bit by a spider somehow someway and I have no clue how it happened. When I see a spider I get all freaked out when a spider it insight, it doesn't matter where I am.

2) Snakes

I just hate snakes, because for many different reasons I always think that in the middle of the night that one is going to come up and wrap itself around me. I always think that I'm going to bit and have it put its two front teeth into me and poison me.

3) Losing people close to me

Losing my parents is one of my top fears that I have in life, because my parents have support me in many different ways from school, and having them as moral support in my life and if I lost them right now in my life then I won't really have anyone for that kind of support. Even know me and my mom get into fights a lot she still puts up with me and supports me no matter what. The last person that I'm afraid of losing in life is my boyfriend who has done so much for me and also helping me though life.

4) Not getting a college degree

The biggest fear I have in life is not getting a college degree. The reason for that is because sometime school can be hard for me and challenging for me and it will get harder for me. My biggest dream in life is to get a college degree in something that has to deal with sports and a possible minor in event planning.

5) Losing friends

I would hate to lose my friends who I have gotten close to and who have helped me though a lot in life. It would be horrible for me to lose them especially the one that has helped me though bad time in my life.