6 Of My Favorite Content Creators On Youtube That You Need To Subscribe To, Like, NOW
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6 Of My Favorite Content Creators On Youtube That You Need To Subscribe To, Like, NOW

Welcome to the world of Youtube!


With the thousands of content creators there are in the Youtube World, I found myself needing to share with my readers some of my favorites. Youtubers can fit in to multiple genres, which is why I love the Youtube community. I tend to watch the beauty and lifestyle community the most, but here are some of my favorite content creators at the moment!


Khoa and Keren have three beautiful babies named Jackson, Landon, and Sutton. They upload their day-to-day lives every day. Khoa and Keren also have their own YouTube channels and share a podcast called "BAYTS." They just got back from their honeymoon, so their vacation vlogs made me feel like I was living on the beach with them!

Maggie Macdonald

Many people probably have not heard of Maggie because she doesn't have millions of YouTube subscribers as some of the other content creators. Maggie is a college student residing in Boston, who shares beauty, fashion, health, and life vlogs every week. I love to binge watch Maggie's channel when I need some fitness inspiration because she lives for soul cycle.

Danielle Carolan

Danielle is another college student, who attends UGA. She runs her own YouTube channel and co-hosts a podcast called "Gals on the Go." She has got the most down to earth personality. I have learned many beauty and organizational tips from watching her "Week in my Life" vlogs.

Abby Asselin

Abby is a college student going to The University of Alabama. She is constantly uploading "Day in My Life" vlogs that I LOVE to watch when I am getting ready in the mornings. Abby is a down-to-earth and realistic Youtuber who I feel I can relate to when I need someone. She especially motivates me to study for any of my tests I have coming up.

Casey Holmes

Casey is my all time favorite beauty guru. She posts on her personal channel different makeup tips and tricks. Casey also shares a vlog channel with her husband, Davis. They are my definition of couple goals. They are waiting for the arrival of their first baby — and her youtube followers CANNOT wait any longer.


Oscar and Kyra are an adorable couple with three beautiful babies: Levi, Alaya, and Averie. They do a lot of traveling from where they live in Utah to where they are from in Los Angeles and elsewhere. Kyra started their Youtube Channel when she was pregnant with Levi, and it has been growing every since.

Whenever you need some inspiration or just a good laugh, I recommend watching some of these creators! Who are your favorites?

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